Monday, August 3, 2009


It's Monday- SHOCKER! I know, now pick yourself up off the floor. Just a regular day, right?

Well, not for me. I am taking my first day off in 17 straight days of work. Before that I only had 1 day off and I worked 14 straight days. The only good thing? Hopefully my paycheck. The bad thing is that I haven't been with my family that much. Everynight I get to hear Hubby and the offspring cry/whine/or be sad that I am leaving. Granted, I really love my job. I love that I get paid decent wages (especially in this economy). I love that I get to listen to audiobooks all night long. I love that I get some "me" time. But, it is really hard to hear my family complain when I leave. I can tell myself all I want that I am doing it to help our financial situation (which is true, mostly) but I feel sad when I leave them.

When I am home I have Klingon (cling all over me) children. UMM either sits half on me or all the way on my when I am sitting. At meals there is a screaming match to see who is going to sit by me (and then whoever wins scoots the chair over to the point we are touching). When we go to church I have 4 kids competing for my lap and each side- this causes problems since I only have enough room on my lap for one kid and 2 sides of me and I really like to be able to sit next to Hubby. When I blog I usually have Oldest Child sitting on her bed behind me (yes, I now share my office with her bedroom) and she reads as I type. Good times!

This all came to my mind yesterday as our family sat in church and my kids were not being reverent. Big surprise! They really are young but I expect them to be the best kids E.V.E.R. and sit quietly and listen. Ya, right. After about the ninth fight over my lap space I sent all of the kids to the end of the pew and drew the following diagram for Hubby. From now on this is how we are going to sit at church (at least until they are old enough and big enough where I can flat-out REFUSE to let them sit on me).
Of course, MMIT doesn't have a designated seat. Seeing as she is only 2 she is a roamer. Until she is a little older she won't have a particular seating assignment. Unfortunately, this leaves me and Hubby with a kid in between so we will probably only be holding hand behind Kylie on the back of the pew, but that is better than going insane every Sunday. Oh, and if you are wondering D= Daddy and M= Mommy. The rest are the offspring.

Theme song- Sitting, waiting, wishing by Jack Johnson