Monday, August 10, 2009

In which I want to pull my hair out

Do you know how men are always complaining that women are too cryptic? We don't just say what we mean?

You know how they also say, "Don't come to me with your problems unless you want me to give you solutions"???

If your man doesn't say this then you are pretty lucky. Mine does. He likes to fix my issues. Which is so manly of him. I feel like we live in caveman times with him dragging me by my hair (so sexy).

So, this past week (and weekend especially) I realized- these are all excuses for men to just not listen to us. If we come to them with problems and we need a solution- they will just say something like "I am just here to listen. You will appreciate it more if you fix this yourself." Now that is not so sexy. I am feeling like I am the one dragging Mr. Caveman round and I am trying to fix things.

Anyhow, I really want my caveman to be Mr. Fix-It Caveman right now. And I don't mean "Let it all go to helk" and that is fixing it. I want him to buck up. Be my Lover, my Man and stop sleeping off the depression. I know that is a totally jolly way to deal with depression and all that is going on here, but it really isn't helping. It really isn't helping me.

Now, on to my good thoughts of Hubby. He is sexy. He writes me love note on my whiteboard that I see when I get home from work. He has made sure lately that he kisses me good-bye every morning, even when I am still sleeping (I wake up for a second to say good-bye). I love that. He took the kids to the church camp-out Friday while I was working, then he brought them home and had a hot-dog roast in our fireplace (how cute is that). He totally helped out at our yard sale on Saturday.

He really does ROCK my world. I just need him to fix this problem, and not just listen. H.E.L.P!

Theme song- Help! by the Beatles. Yes, my theme songs are back on.