Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Finally Friday


Did you think I was going to forget? Sure didn't.

Hello, my name is Julie and I am a neglectful parent.

I was thinking today about being a mom. I birthed 4 beautiful kids. They really are great looking. Don't you think?

Ya, I thought you would think so.

Anyway, lately we have had an additional 2 kids in our house. Don't get me wrong, I like that my kids are kept company. They have friends to play with. However, I have a list of demands if this is going to continue.
  • I should be able to discipline the 2 other kids since I am the one taking care of them. Their mom and dad are gone the whole day and although the parents don't "leave them in my care" the kids really do need someone to take care of them.
  • If I am going to feed them lunch and dinner I should get $$$ for it. I planned on 4 kids, Hubby and I work to support 4 kids. 2 extra mouths for more than 1 meal a day is A LOT of food, especially since they are both boys and they both eat A LOT!
  • If you are going to act like this is your house and just get in the fridge whenever you want or walk in my front door whenever you want, I will add both names to my chore chart. I have a lot of work that needs to be done, inside and out and could use the extra help.
  • My house rules WILL be followed. There is no cussing, no hitting, and when I say "NO" I really do mean "NO."
Is this too much to ask? As a mom I think maybe I should have more compassion, but it is hard when I don't have enough money for my food budget to feed my family. It is hard to discipline my kids when they extra kids often cause the problems. I am not saying that my kids are saints. I really do know what hellions they can be- trust me! But they extra kids are older and have been raised differently and they like to use their house rules in my house. I also require that my kids ask before they get into snacks just so I know when they are eating (like if they try to snack 5 minutes before dinner) and what they are eating. Rarely do I tell them no. The extra kids don't like to ask, so they sneak into the freezer for a Popsicle/OtterPop when I am down doing laundry or busy blogging. I have even heard them tell my kids to ask me if they all can have a snack. My kids ask often enough. I don't need anyone else giving them more ideas of when to eat.

YIKES! This all sounds terrible. I know. Sorry, but it is true. I am just tired. They are pretty good kids, but I am struggling. Thanks for letting me vent.

Theme song- Mr. Rogers' Theme Song since the extra kids are my neighbors

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Push to be GREEN

Like most schools in America, our local school made a major push last year for recycling. Ever since then my kids are constantly asking- "Can this be recycled?"

Normally this wouldn't bug me. I am all for the 3 R's (reduce, recycle, reuse).

Reduce- I have cut back on my family's intake of snacks.

Recycle- I was one of the first in my city to sign up for a recycling container (before they mandated it- sorta).

Reuse- I wear my jeans more than once before I wash them.

See how conscientious I am? So, when the following conversation happened I was a little worried about exactly what they taught my kids about recycling.

Snake - Mom, recycling is when we come back alive.

Mom - Son, I think you mean resurrection.

Snake - Ya, that's right.

Theme song- It's not easy being green by Kermit the Frog.

Special Wednesday

Today we are going on a field trip. Do you all have your signed permission slips? Yes? Oh, good, I thought we were going to have to leave some of you behind.

Now, everyone, hop on the bus so we can get going.

No, not that bus. This one...

That's right. We are taking the short bus. Do you know why? Because we are SPECIAL!

Today we are going to a local attraction, hopefully close enough that no one with get car/bus sick, but you never know so if you need a barf bag let me know. I didn't bring enough for everyone. Hopefully we won't be having to share.

Everyone ready? Here we go... to Kennecott, the largest copper mine in the world.

First, lets take a look around outside. See these trucks?

This is how big ONE tire is on them.

My son, the poser.

And what is a field trip without a few cameras taking snapshots?

Ready to go inside? I'll take that smile as a yes.

Inside they have a video. We need to sit down and be quiet so everyone can hear and see the movie. Get all of your wiggles out, k?

Now that we know a little more about how the copper is mined, lets go see what else they have in the visitors center.

Evolution of the open mine.

And now, you all know...

One other thing I learned is that without copper a TV would not work. Who knew. Now, don't forget tonight when you say your prayers to be thankful for copper.

Theme song- Human by the Killers. Because I heard it on the radio on my way when I heard this for the first time. LOVE IT!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things to be thankful for

  • I don't know everything that has been flushed down my toilet (although I do know some things and it makes me cringe).
  • Deodorant (cuz it has been bloody hot here lately)
  • A friend who calls to remind me that I am late picking up for piano.
  • My Hubby, who knows when I say I am freaking out will stop talking about scary things (like Obama and his dictatorship).
  • Audiobooks
  • Bandaids and neosporin (to help my fingertip heal).
  • Trashcans (where ideally trash is supposed to go).
  • Cool showers on a hot day.
  • Hot showers on a cold day.
  • Boxed food (Mac 'n Cheese for lunch today)
  • Garden veggies
  • Otter-pops that keep my kids content. (unfortunately I find the wrappers all over my house)
  • Not using my alarm to wake up in the morning.
  • Straight-irons that make my hair somewhat normal (when I take the time to use it).
There you go. That's my thankful list for the day.

Theme song- Thank you by 10000 Maniacs

Monday, July 27, 2009

Camera Fun

Here is what happens when my kids get ahold of the camera. I deleted the ones that would make you dizzy,sick, or have serious vertigo.

Because we could all use a picture with our brother playing the xbox half nekked.

Good friends, playing with the kitty.



Snake lost a tooth. He wanted to document it so he could always remember. And what is a good picture with a lost tooth? The tongue through the hole picture.

Nanner, nanner, nanner! She learned to use the timer on the camera and came up with this fabulous shot. It's Oldest Child with her birthday/baptism chart all filled up.

In motion...

Nice neck. Little crusties in her neck roll. Kinda gross.

This is Daddy's head. They were trying to get a shot of his gray hair, but all they got was this silly pic.

I'd say that these are going to be the last crazy photos by my kids, but I am sure they aren't going to be. Now that they know how to use the camera they sneek it all the time.

Theme song- In honor of the 2 posers, I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred.

Friday, July 24, 2009

NPSA- finally

Hello, my name is Julie and I am a neglectful mother.

A few weeks ago, when my sisters were here we sat around talking about being moms. I had to laugh when I thought of UMM (aka- Britin) going rabid in a restaurant in Idaho on one of our trips. It made me think of how I handle crises/tantrums/problems with my kids.

Here is what it comes down to...

I laugh.

No, I'm not kinding. If Oldest Child gives me a crusty look I give it back to her (and then laugh); if Snake comes in whining to me, I whine back (and then laugh); if UMM comes in screaming at me, I scream back (and then laugh); and if MMIT keeps calling my name, I call hers (and then laugh).

If you can't laugh what else is there to do? Cry? I already feel like doing that enough. I'd rather laugh.

Oh, and I think I am going to choose Trooper Thorn's song pick for yesterday's post, Daydream by Lovin' Spoonful.

Today's song? I tried "I love to laugh" from Mary Poppins but they didn't have it. I tried "Make 'em laugh" from Singing in the Rain. They didn't have that one either. The website I get them from was having a tard moment, so I don't have a new on for today. So just sit back and enjoy Daydream.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our not-so-alone anniversary celebration

We spent our 10th Anniversary at my Aunt's and Uncle's cabin. Yes, we were so lucky to have our children accompany us on this little vacation. We did have a lot of fun, though.

Hanging outside we scouted for Pot guts (sp?). Personally, I think they looked like the offspring of a squirrel and a rat.

The kids were busy playing most of the time, which was really nice. The problems occurred when it was bed time.

We took the kids on a short hike. These are some of the excited faces before we actually started the hike. (Sorry about the overexposure from the sun. I never claimed to be a great photographer.)

Later that night Dalen, Kylie, and I went outside to see the stars. I forgot how much you miss in the city. It was gorgeous. We could see the Milky Way (not the candy bar, although that would have been tasty), and about a million starts. Kylie had fun sitting with her dad (don't let the picture fool you, she was actually smiling most of the time).

All in all, the time was really fun. We watched some movies and just relaxed. Totally great!

No theme song for this one. Can't really think of one. If you have any suggestions let me know.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm Feeling Blue

Don't really know why, other than having to deal with more $$$ problems. I would like to go to bed and not have to think about it today...
or tomorrow
or ever.

In honor of such deep thoughts, I thought The Ramones should grace us with "I Wanna Be Sedated."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You might be a failure if...

...if you see this face...

(cute, I know) and he asks you, "How old do I have to be so I don't have to listen to you anymore?"

The inner-mom said, "You don't listen to me anyway so what does it matter?"

What I really said, "You will ALWAYS have to listen to me because I will ALWAYS be your mom."

Theme song- We're Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister (if you have seen the video you might get why I chose this song)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Did you know?

Many people have complained about drivers who multi-task. It really isn't a good idea.

Here are just a few of the common unsafe practices...

  • Talking on your cell phone
  • Applying makeup
  • Shaving
  • Eating
  • Reading
  • Texting
  • Watching a movie
  • Accessing the Internet
These are actually on a website, along with other things that I didn't mention. But one thing that the website didn't mention is
  • Opening a human-proof container with a straight-edge knife
Who knew this was unsafe to do while driving? Not me. I thought for sure this would be a totally safe/smart activity to engage in while driving. I learned my lesson (and so did my finger).

Imagine if you will, me, driving to work, opening a new container of ear-buds for my iPod. Have you ever seen the containers those things come in? You need a nuclear torpedo to open it up.

Okay, so my package was smaller, but the edges were just like this. The package doesn't pop open. You can no longer use your teeth to open one of these puppies. You have to have major tools to open it (which is another funny thing- the tools come in similar packages).

Anyway, so here I am, using Hubby's Scotty Peeler
(ya, his is the one with the blade), trying to open said ear bud container. Well, those Scotty Peelers are sharp little suckers, because before I knew it, I had sliced off the tip of my pinky finger and was bleeding profusely. So much bleeding was going on that I had to put my finger in my mouth (not really a germ-free zone I am sure, since I had just had dinner) and I could taste the metallic flavor of the blood. If I was in Twilight (New Moon) Jasper would totally have come after me.

So, here I am, driving, sucking on my finger to keep from getting blood all over me, trying to find a napkin, and looking for an offramp so I can get to a gas station and use my life-savings to buy a box of bandaids. Expensive box of bandaids from a gas station convenience store = $1,000,000. Same box of bandaids from a grocery store = $3.50. Couldn't wait, so I overspent, just so I could contain the bleeding.

The good news? I now have a box of gold-plated bandaids in my purse (I'll tell myself that so I don't cry when I think about how much I paid for them). Other bonus? I thinkI am no longer anemic- I could taste the iron (and I was putting it right back in my body). So there is a way to look at the positive, right?

Theme song- Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. I was also thinking about Sunday Bloody Sunday, but it happened on Saturday, so I didn't know if that should be the song. I'll add it second, just because I thought of that one, too. But, I am going to add the Paramore version since I like that one best, even though U2 is the original.

*Sorry, I couldn't get a good picture of my missing finger tip. You'll just have to imagine the gore.

**Hey, I just thought of a funny, is it a coincidence that Al Gore's name means

Gore: (noun)
  1. blood that is shed, esp. when clotted.
  2. murder, bloodshed, violence, etc.: That horror movie had too much gore.
Enjoy that thought for the day.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy 10th to the Man in my life

I wanted to pay tribute to the man who has had to put up with me for the past 10 year (tomorrow) so I thought of 10 reasons I am glad I married this guy.

  1. He still grabs my hiney.
  2. He bathes more than once a year.
  3. He doesn't shave- just for me!
  4. Although he has brown eyes, he isn't totally full of poop.
  5. He gives me presents that make me cry (either from sadness or happiness- but they do make me cry).
  6. He loses his eyes when he smiles.
  7. He totally makes me laugh after... you know...during the "snuggle time" which is a total improvement considering he laughed DURING our first kiss.
  8. He chose a profession that includes few women which is great for me since I tend to get jealous easily.
  9. He lets me call him "Lover."
  10. And the BEST reason I am so glad I married my Lover... He has NEVER "cover-wagoned" me.
Happy 10th Anniversary LOVER!

Don't we make a cute couple?

Theme song- the song we danced to 10 years ago- our first dance as husband and wife...I'll Be by Edwin McCain.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My life as a fairytale

Did you ever see those Faerietale Theater movies? They were always weird shows, so I came up with my own. Though, I didn't have a camera at the time of the making of this tale, so I am just going to have to tell it to you and you will have to picture me (clothed, please) acting it out.

Once upon a time (because all fairytales start that way, but in this case I mean yesterday) there was a beautiful peasant mother, who loved her 4 peasant children so much that when some nearby royal friends invited this peasant mom and her peasant children to a day floating along a river of foggy gold the peasant mom said "Helk Ya!"

Off we went in our peasant carriage (with a lovely crack in the windshield- this carriage has a windshield- don't question me- it's my story). We picked up a few royal friends to ride along with us and make the trip more fun. The royal queen that joined us was a blast along with the royal princess and "almost-princess-in-law." We listened to royal music and chatted about royal and peasant things.

They ride was long and the peasant mom was a little worried about being done on the foggy golden river in time to make it to her work. The royal mothers all assured her that we would be done on the foggy golden river in PLENTY of time. So away her cares went as she lazily (and sometimes not-so-lazily) floated along.

When the crowds all gathered at the ending point the peasant mom jumped in a car with the royal moms to get the cars from the starting point.

"What time is it?" asked the peasant mom.

"Oh, probably about 3," replied a few of the royal moms. Plenty of time to make it home, shower and get to work.

Oh, but that was not to me. For alas, when we saw the sundial in the carriage it said 4:35PM!

"What the WHAT!" screamed the peasant mom. "I have 1 hour to make a 90 minute drive (praying for no backup of carriages) and get myself ready for work. Peasant children, jump in the carriage, we are off!"

Sidenote- did you know that carriages can go 90 miles an hour? Well, they can, and mine did.

The peasant children we exhausted after the lazy work of floating, so they quickly fell asleep, which really was for the best so they wouldn't be screaming at the peasant mom to SLOW DOWN. The peasant mom worked those horses to the bone, slowing down only for tight turns and slow carriages.

Halfway home the peasant mom had a most brilliant idea. She pulled out her tin can with a string that was connected to the peasant father and told him to get in his carriage, with a change of clothes for the peasant mom, her face-paint, hair brush and deodorant, and meet her at the horses feeding trough just off the highway close to home. The peasant father, being the loving and concerned soul that he is obeyed his wife and even made a lovely dinner for the peasant mom to eat.

When the peasant mom and the peasant children finally made it to the feeding trough (gas station for those who didn't get the connection yet) the Mom and Dad quickly kissed and then exchanged carriages.

Driving the carriage up to work in her bathing suit the peasant mom was sad she didn't get a chance to kiss on the peasant dad a little more, but was grateful for all the peasant dad did. The carriage ride was filled with lots of loving thoughts for the rest of the peasant family.

Once the carriage made it to its destination in a land far, far away from the peasant mom's cottage she looked at the sundial to see that there was 5 minutes to spare.

Now this is where the story gets good...

Because- the peasant mom was still in her bathing suit, crazy hair and not smelling so fresh.

What to do?

Park in the VERY BACK of the lot, pray that there are no peeping toms or electronic peeping toms to see, and change clothes in the carriage. This was an interesting feat since the carriage is a TINY one. Continually praying that no one would see, the peasant mom threw off her clothes, changed, and RAN into work, just in time to punch the sundial and ...

PHEW! Not late.

I know... you are all amazed. What a great story. Especially since I am the queen of the Curse. For once, the curse didn't hit me. I had a great day with the kids, got a little burned, but didn't get fired. Oh, I mean, the peasant mom is still employed, able to bring home bountious means to the family to keep them all fed.


Theme song- The River by Garth Brooks

Monday, July 13, 2009

It's PaRtaY TIME!

Saturday, after my life calmed down a bit I was able to meet up with a few of the fabulous bloggers that are linked on my side bar. We had a blast at the OG. Salad, soup, breadsticks and a lot of laughing. It was so great. Thanks ladies for the great escape. Ithink we scared more than a few innocent restaurant patrons... oh well. Oh, and I am thinking that the servers were VERY glad when we finally left.

Oh Barb, you are too cute...ignore the 5 chins I have in this pic.

I love this lady!

Weird? No, we aren't weird.

Ya, I got the side view- Shelle! Check out that hiney!

The gang.

Guest appearance by Crash's hot hubby and gorgeous daughter! (Ya, I said it... did you tell him?)

The coordinator of this fantabulous lunch, Crash (oh ya, and me too). Okay, guess which on lives in Hawaii and which one lives in UT? Hard one, I know. I'll give you a hint... I'm NOT tan!

Still lovin' ya Val!

We all brought cameras, didn't we? You can tell you are at a lunch with bloggers when you are constantly seeing this... (Nutty Hamster Chick and Shelle)

Would it truly be a bloggers lunch without the Snuggie (and this is a Snazzie Snuggie). Oh, and do you remember my post about who the 2 people I would love to meet in person? Ya, here they are, Crash and Kristina. Dream come true.

Theme song... apparently I am the Bad Girl of the group (along with Shelle- thanks for not leaving me lonely...) so today's theme song- Bad Influence by Pink. You gotta love Pink.