Monday, May 30, 2011


I love to read... and with my super exciting job I am able to listen to audiobooks every night. It's pretty dang cool. Between books and music I stay well entertained at work. However, I have recently discovered a weakness. In discovering this I have made a short list of books I should not allow myself to read and/or listen to anymore. Yes, it is a short list, but here it is...

1. any of the Twilight series

2. any of the Outlander series

Have you read these? They are addicting! Life ceases to exist outside of my brain when I am either reading or listening to any of these. This can be good in some circumstances, but when there is so much to do?... not so good. It's as bad as trying to watch just one episode of 24. NOT POSSIBLE!

...And even as I am saying this... I won't stop. A girl can dream about having her own Edward Cullins. And a woman can fantasize about have a Jamie Fraser. YUMMY!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Something to make you smile

If there is ever a moment of sadness or depression I now know what to do...

watch videos of my kids.

For a little over a year I was EXCELLENT at taking pics and videos of the kids (ironically it was when I was totally into blogging before, AND had a working camera). Tonight I was downloading pictures from my external harddrive onto my NEW laptop that Dalen just gave to me. I thought I check out what was on there. And found some FABULOUS videos of my chillins. They are just awesome, in case you were wondering.

It made me miss the cuteness of how young they were. It made me smile at how much they've grown. It made me happy to be their mom!

Friday, May 6, 2011



Y'all are just silly.

I guess I am too.

I have missed blogging but have abstained for various reasons.

I have hated to disappoint, but really??? I have been uber-busy with life.

Yes, that is my EXCUSE. It is an excuse not a reason, cuz I know that I could have made the time to entertain the masses with my cunning wit and sparkling personality.

I'm at a loss as to what to say right now. There is so much churning in my brain matter, but nothing that really can be told or wants to be told. So help me out here... what do you wanna hear about. Leave your comments on what you wanna hear. If it fits the following criteria you just might see your topic posted in the near future.

1. MUST be entertaining. I need a few laughs and to get the creative juices flowing.
2. MUST be something I am okay with talking about. I know that with all my openness in the past (what with my bad parenting skills and messy house) it seems silly that there is anything I wouldn't be okay with talking about... TRUST ME, there is! At least for now.
3. IT CANNOT have anything to do with politics. There is enough crap in my life without having to start world war 3 via the world wide web!
4. And for the moment it CANNOT have anything to do with my recent surgery. I want to keep y'all in suspense as to what kind of fantastic surgery I underwent earlier this year. Keep in mind I am 35, have 4 kids and breast fed all of them.... Curious? Heehee... get your mind out of the gutter!

Song for today... Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae. Why? Cuz I wanna dance and this song makes me boogie!