Thursday, April 30, 2009

Who thought that was a good idea?

Kristina blogged about Swine Flu, Kerrilyn blogged about Swine Flu, Melinda blogged about Swine Flu, Val blogged about Swine Flu, and so I thought it was my turn.


Yesterday Oldest Child got home from school and told me all about her day. Well, she really only told me about her teacher telling the kids all about the Swine Flu (and if that is all they learned about yesterday I am going to have a little piggy).

You have to know something about Oldest Child. She is like her mom, poor thing. She is anxiety ridden (and she is only 7). She has already been in therapy twice for her anxiety. I kid you not. Since I suffer from severe anxiety I recognized her issues pretty early and had her in to therapy FAST! And by fast I mean like a month because the waiting list is LONG for child psychologists. Good times!

Anyhow, one of her issues (just like her mom) is sickness. She was aware, being the oldest, about my heart condition through my last pregnancy and she freaked out that Mommy wasn't going to be coming home. I thought we did a good job not letting her know anything but that girl has super-hearing. I secretly think she reads minds, but don't tell her that. She already knows she is special. I don't want to give her an even bigger head.

Back to my original thought- since she was in therapy to help her be calm about sickness and life issues I think that sharing details about Swine flu was NOT the best idea. I think I am going to drop-kick her teacher. (I really do like her teacher, just thinking that I am a little upset because my daughter is freaking out now.)

Here are just some of the fun facts that she shared with me (that I didn't tell her)...
  1. Don't be alarmed. (who uses that termanology with 2nd graders?)
  2. Swine flu is really bad.
  3. You can die from it.
  4. More than 20 people have died already.
  5. We need to wash our hands all the time, after we touch a door, before and after we eat, just all the time.
  6. It's in Texas, which isn't far away, and we don't want it to come to Utah.
(I am not claiming these are true facts, just the facts my daughter told me she learned.)

Mind you, this is just a few of the fun facts I learned from Oldest Child. WHY was that a good idea? I have talked to her teacher about her "issues" and yet this was a major topic of discussion in her class. Of course, knowing Oldest Child they probably only talked about it for all of 5 minutes and then she obsessed about it the rest of the day.

And by the rest of the day I really do mean the rest of the day. She had piano lessons after school and according to her piano teacher she was having trauma. She cried and had a hard time focusing. When I talked to Oldest Child about what was wrong she started to cry and told me she was scared she was going to get sick with Swine Flu. Nice! It sure was fun trying to convince her that we are going to do everything we can to stay healthy, but that wasn't enough for her. She wanted me to promise she wouldn't get it. Can't really do that, since I am not all powerful and such that I can fix the future to go as I want. If that was the case I am sure that I would be living a different, less money-stressed life.

Theme Song- End of the World by REM. (Thanks Shauna for the song suggestion! Perfect for today's topic.)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What in the....?

I was at the church today for our weekly humanitarian project. I was totally thinking about last Wednesday when I had to miss going to the church to play with the ladies over tying a quilt and sewing, in order to go to Hubby's Grandma's funeral. I'm selfish like that. I had hoped that the funeral wouldn't interfere with humanitarian because really, it is my weekly out. The kids and I go to the church and I let them run free and play with the other kids there while I sit and visit. (Is any of this making sense?)

So, anyhow- I told the ladies today that the funeral was nice, but I did miss them. Then, I HAD to tell them about the Utah Funeral Faux Pas that was committed at the luncheon.

I hate to be judgmental (no, really I do) but there we NO funeral potatoes. GASP! Seriously, who planned the luncheon? How can you have a funeral luncheon without funeral potatoes?

(not the best picture, but one that I found on Google Images)

If you are interested, here is the recipe. Pretty basic, and very yummy. With all that cheese how could it be anything but delicious!?

Funeral Potatoes
(serves 16)

1 24-ounce bag frozen shredded (not diced!) hash brown potatoes, thawed

2 cans cream of chicken soup
2 cups sour cream*
1 cup grated cheddar*
one-half cup plus 2 T. melted butter*
one-third cup chopped onion
2 cups crushed cornflakes
salt to taste

Combine 2 T. melted butter and cornflakes. Set aside. In a large mixing bowl, combine remaining ingredients. Blend well. Pour potato mixture in a large oblong pan. Sprinkle crushed cornflake mixture on top and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Serve hot.

*Do not use low-fat versions of these ingredients. Low-fat sour cream and cheddar will not melt, and margarine has water in it.

(recipe found in the Essential Mormon Cookbook) There are also other variations that work great, this is just the basic recipe.

Theme song- I think I am running out of food songs that I know. Any suggestions? Do I talk too much about food? So, today isn't going to be a song- it is a comedy sketch by Jim Gaffigan- Eat Like An American.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What kind of wife am I?

I was on the phone with one of my sisters yesterday and she told me a quote from a movie that I am going to have to file away for a fabulous fight with the Hubby. Seriously, who does that? Who else hears a really good comeback on TV, in a movie, or from a friend and says, "I'm gonna have to remember that one?"

Well, I DO!

So here it is... (It was on a Hallmark movie that I didn't see, so if any of you saw it or knows what I'm talking about let me know.)

"You have known me since I was in pigtails. Now we are married. And you should know that when I give my opinion it is NOT a suggestion."

Heehee! Have fun with that one.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Today's Quandry

I have been wondering what to post about today. I used up all of the brain cells over at Venus vs. Mars. Check me out there.

However, I didn't want to wimp out on my own personal blog because I have so much to tell. I wanted to post about my fabulous girls day out with Heidi and the gang, but Val put it so much better, so just check out her link and you will see the fab time we all had. You can also check out Melinda's blog. She also did a fab rundown of the day.

I also wanted to do a specific post on the Slutty Snuggie. After this event I felt a little used.

And this isn't even half of it. This Snuggie has been "AROUND" (wink, wink).

So, I finally decided to tell you about Val.

She has a tattoo people.

AND, I think I have changed some of my requirements because I think hers is so cute and tasteful. (Don't give me that judgmental eye, Yes, I can think tats can be tasteful.) I learned all about her (as if her life was really a secret) on Saturday. SHE'S hilarious! Check out her stuff. She has a great laugh, too!

I know firsthand because my ear was next to her laugh! Hey can you see my tonsils with that laugh? Who knew we would ever get to meet in person???? Good times. Now I can tell Hubby that these people really do exist. They are not fictional friends that I tell him about to make myself feel loved and wanted as a person. These peeps are REAL.

The day was full of fun! I also went to a super-fun b-day party for my friend, Patti. She is a riot. I learned how to play Nerts. Anyone up for a game???? Stay so late at Patti's house that I was pretty sure Hubby was going to have the locks changed while I was gone. Alas, though, he loves me and I was permitted to enter the abode and reside there for the rest of the weekend, in peaceful slumber and pigging out with the fam. It was a great weekend!

Theme song- I love to laugh from Mary Poppins. Since they don't have it on my play list, which is quite disappointing here is the song from youtube.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Welcome visitors


Well Hello there! I am so glad you could make it today to our NPSA meeting. As most of you know last week was Spring Break. I had all 4 offspring at home with me. Lucky me was stuck in the house even because the city is working on our road and I couldn't get out of my driveway. Good times! Not that I really would have gone anywhere because I was sleeping!

Anywho- I was getting up really late and getting late breakfasts for the kids. Because the kids were home, inside (it was snowing and raining so outside play time was not going to happen) the kids were uber-bored. How do we solve that problem? EAT! SNACK! MUNCH! Let's bust out the food! We aren't even talking good, healthy food we are talking good, not-so-healthy food!

Because the kids were munching and watching tv while I was reading/napping I didn't always pay attention to the time. Most days we would go from Breakfast to snacking to snacking to snacking to more snacking directly to dinner.

So I justified it that I was making my own private effort to fight childhood obesity by teaching my kids to go without a meal. Then I justified it by telling myself that I am teaching them that they aren't always going to have everything. Then I told myself that I am preparing for the economy to go completely in the crapper (unlike right now- we have only fallen into the crapper- we aren't all the way in, I think).

Whatever I tell myself I still think this qualifies as neglect. Unless you want to count fruit snacks, dry cereal, cookies, candy bars and chips as lunch that lasts about 4 hours, then yes, I did feed my kids lunch.

Theme song- Hungry Like the Wolf by David Cook (I know this isn't the Duran Duran version- which is a classic, but I thought this version was really good, too).

Thursday, April 23, 2009

SHHHHHHH! Please don't tell on me

I am an audiobook fan. I get to listen to TONS of books while at work and I am an avid reader/listener. There are so many good books out there! (Hey Heidi, when is Miss Delacourt going to come out on audio???) While I was listening to a book earlier this week one of the characters was talking about a tattoo that he had.

So, here is where we get into my little secret. I have tried so hard not to like tattoos. For the most part I think they are really trashy and gross. BUT- I dated this guy when I was in college. He had the sexiest dragon crawling out of his skin on his shoulder. He designed it himself. I love a good bad-boy!

Don't get me wrong. I love that Hubby is sweet and a wonderful dad and he loves me. I know that. I just was pondering on the fact that if I could do a little maintenance on him one of the things I would do is get him a sexy leather jacket, a tasteful sexy tattoo... and here is the biggest secret of all- I'd get him a monster motorcycle. Shhhh! Don't say that so loud. Someone might hear you/me.

Being a mom, I would NEVER want my kids to actually see the tattoo- that would just be for me. I worry about him riding the motorcycle, something might happen to him. But, this is a dream that I live vicariously through the MANY books that I read.

I know my bishop reads my blog, so I might be having a meeting with him on Sunday about the inappropriate content and my secret wants/desires, but I have to be honest, it is worth it to just get this out there.

There are some limitations and requirements for me to actually like a tattoo. I hate colored tattoos! H.A.T.E. them! Just plain black ink will do, thank you very much. I don't like them on the ankle, calf, neck, head, hands, feet, etc. ONLY on the shoulder, shoulderblade or upper back. Even lower back is not quite as cool. I also don't like ones that cover the whole back. YUCK. Make it simple, clean lines and such.

TOO MUCH! and there is color...

TOO BIG, and there is color, yuck!

Not bad. Simple... and on a muscular arm, YUMMY!

I also like Celtic symbols or something with awsome meaning. But, NOT BIG and colorful. And, remember the placement of the tattoo! If you are young and a female, getting one on your belly or side isn't the wisest of ideas. If you are planning on getting pregnant you could end up with a dragon with stretchmarks. (Excuse me- I think I threw up a little in my mouth) Or your cute little heart will be broken or looking quite awkward once your skin goes back.

I actually asked Hubby if he would get a tattoo if I asked him to. He said N.O. Where is the love??? I'm gonna get back to my reading now.

Theme song- Tattoo by Jordin Sparks

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well, hello there!

I am posting this short blurb late at night because I was gone all day. Really, all I could think about is what I wanted to post. Is that sad???

Did you notice I finally have my own button on my sidebar for my weekly NPSA meetings? Thanks to Anjeny for the instructions- tried that really hard, but it didn't work. So, I called my trusty fabo friend Rae from Cali and she walked me through it. THANKS! Sorry to all of you who don't know her, she has a private blog, sad day for you because she is WONDERFUL! This Friday I will officially use my button for the first time...YEAH FOR ME!

Okay, so back to my story- I was gone today at a funeral. Hubby's last living grandparent, Grandma Carter, passed away on Friday. The funeral was wonderful and the visiting with family was a bonus. Sad to say, but this was a very welcomed thing. She was released from this life to join her hubby who passed away more than 10 years ago.

After the service the fam and I went back to the church for the traditional LDS funeral family luncheon (minus the funeral potatoes- can you believe that? Seriously??? Where were my funeral potatoes??? Sorry, had to rant for a minute). I was sitting at the table with UMM enjoying a bit-o-dessert when UMM looked at me and said, "Is this cake?"

I told her it sure was!

She said, "Is this a party?"

Sure thing cutie!

"Who is it a party for?"

"Great Grandma"


"Because she is in heaven now and that is something to party about."


So, this got me thinking...scarey, I know. How do I want things to go down at my funeral. Weird that I actually think about this, but I am pretty positive that I am going to be gone well before Hubby because of my heart and I'd like him not to have to stress about what to do. I won't go into details tonight, but do any of you ever think about that? I want to have a big party. Balloons, maybe a pinata, the works. I want people to be happy for me. I want my kids to know that death shouldn't be sad. I have wasted too much of my life being scared of sickness and death and I don't want to pass that on to them. I know there is life after this one, so why should we be forever sad??? Let's party!

Theme song for tonight- happens to be on my iPod and when I had it on random shuffle whilst at work this evening (I had to go straight from the family stuff to work) it played this selection. TOO appropriate! When I get where I'm going by Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Shout out to the Son!

I am almost a week late giving a birthday shoutout to my Son! Snake turned 6 last week and today (the first day back to school after Spring Break) he got to hand out candy to his classmates and they sang Happy Birthday to him. He was so proud. Simply glowing...

So, for his birthday he decided he wanted to go to McD's for burgers and then to the skating rink.

Before the adventure we sat down for a "close-your-eyes-because-mommy-didn't-wrap-your-presents" present opening. (Did you follow that?)

Ummm, I was under the very false impression that skating was like riding a bike, you never forget. I am here to tell you, YOU DO! My keester had more than a few meetings with the no-so-soft ground. We don't need to dwell on that though, I'll let you enjoy pictures from the adventure!

I can't figure out if he is checkin' out the chicks or wishing he knew how to skate. I kept wondering why he chose skating. I know I am a bad parent. I haven't even taught my kids the important, life-saving skill of skating.

Daddy helping Snake out on the big rink.

We spent most of our time in this area, the kids' rink. No one skating so fast and crazy as to knock you down on your caboose more than you already are.

Speaking of falling on your caboose. This was a common sight for our family...all but Daddy, who has some serious skating skills. I dig skills!

Theme song- Happy Birthday as sung by Marilyn Monroe. hahaha! I make myself laugh.

Friday, April 17, 2009

NPSA meeting will now come to order

Contrary to my high hopes last week of having my own personal button for my weekly NPSA meeting/blog posting, I DON'T have it done. Yes, even when Anjeny tried to help me by giving me the secrets of the button-making, I slacked. This will lead me into my confession of the week for my NPSA meeting.


I love it. I think, generally, it loves me too.

I can't really get enough of it. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that I have the weirdest schedule known to man (or at least known to me) but when there is a moment I can get sleep I crave it (almost like I crave chocolate- I said ALMOST).

This week was Spring Break. Beside going insane with my kids all home and antsy to do things do you wanna know how I celebrated?


No, really, I did! Granted, I didn't go to bed any earlier than 2am the whole week, but lets be honest, do I really need to stay in bed until 11? Well, that is what I did today. AND I LOVED IT! Hubby got up with the kids shortly before I got out of bed and I could hear him telling the kids what needed to be cleaned before Mommy saw the mess! Isn't that just sweet? SO considerate!

My kids really did do a pretty decent job of taking care of themselves, but when the oldest is not even 8 should I really expect them to be taking care of themselves? Hey, I was home at least.

If there was a fire hopefully I would wake up to the blaring fire alarms or the screams from my children. If there was any other emergency I would have been there for them. Not fully clothed, but I would have been there.

So really, is this neglect of my children? Not sure on this one.

Theme song- Bella's Lullaby from the Twilight Soundtrack. Of course!

Quick shout out to Anjeny over at Ramblings of an Islander- she has officially joined my NPSA group. Hello Anjeny! WOOHOO!

There can only be one Highlander!

Remember the other day when we were talking (well, you were reading and I was talking/typing) and I told you about my reading addiction? I am totally going to tell you something else that I just learned about myself because of my addiction. I wish I was Scottish. Yes, you read that correctly. I wish I had a Scottish accent and that some sexy highlander would call me Sassanach. MMMM! Isn't that yummy? And that man would wear a sexy kilt (traditional- hahahah!). And that he would have to lead me on wild life-threatening adventures all over Scotland. And that we would have to get married in order to save both of our lives. And that I would secretly be grateful that I was forced to marry him because then I could enjoy his pationate kisses everyday.

Hmm, so here is why.

Have you heard of the series The Outlander? It is by Diana Gabaldon. AMAZING story. Only if you are interested in listening to 32 hours of a love story- which I totally was up for. At work I type and listen to audiobooks. What could be better?

Okay, so I would even be so drastic as to say that I would put this just under Twilight. I know- that is totally saying something. But when you think of sexy highlanders in kilts saving lives and such don't you want to swoon? I am daydreaming about it as I tell you this. I have Jamie on the brain. I have Jamie in my dreams (almost as much as Edward) and if I could somehow change my life I would make it so that Hubby's scottish ancestry was closer in line, close enough that he would still carry the accent (and the overwhelming desire to wear a clan kilt). He is from the Ferguson Clan and actually has a crest and tartin. Sexy, huh? I know you are jealous.

Theme song- Scotland the brave! Gotta love the bagpipes (unless you are the main chick in the movie Made of Honor- in which case you will want to turn off the sound to this post).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I've about had it

I am thinking I was more than just a little crazy to ever think I could handle multiple kids. Maybe I should have stuck with my original plan.

Original Plan = no kids

Here's why... I am insane. I really, truly am.

Actually, I am going to start at the beginning.

My mom started a daycare in our home when I was 4 years old. On top of having 6 kids in our family we were swamped with at least 12 more kids- DAILY! (Well, except for the weekends- but we had to do our chores all day Saturday- or at least it seemed like it was all day.) Our house was crazy. As I grew up I had more and more responsibilities to help out with the daycare.

I'm not telling you this because I resent my mom for doing this. In fact, I now understand why she did it. She had a degree and for sure could have made more $$$ working in an office, but then she wouldn't have been home to raise us. I love my mom, and recognize that this was a total sacrifice for her. I'm just telling you my issues- remember that!

Back to my story.

By the time I was in high school I really hated going home after school. I didn't mind the evenings when the house was semi-quiet (really, how quiet can a family of 8 really be?) but when the daycare kids were there I dreaded life. (I really was a dramatic child/teenager. I wonder how I ever had any friends- but that is a story for another time.)

I remember one particular day. I was watching some of the kids inside while my mom was outside with a few others playing on the bikes and swingset. Mom popped her head in to check on me and the kids and I must have had the look of death on my face because she came in and sat down, facing me. Totally serious, she asked, "Are you ever going to have any kids of your own?" Totally serious back at her, "Probably not."

I think back on this and have to laugh. What was so horrible that I would say that? I know there are other reasons that I would say that but what happened that day that would make me give the Gramma of my kids a heartattack? My answer made her very sad. I am sure she was blaming herself for it, knowing that I had had just about all I could take of kids in general.

Once I met Hubby that attitude changed. Of course I was going to have kids. Of course we were going to have at least 4. Of course. Why wouldn't I? Umm, because I lack patience. Because I lack the desire to put myself second (or 6th in my case) all of the time. Because sometimes I just want to read in bed all day and not have to get up to get the kids going. Because I think that reading a book beats taking my kids to the park. What in the world? What am I thinking? I just have to get my head out of my hiney and buck up. These are my kids. I was in on the action to create them. I birthed them. I fed them, bathed them, and now I am raising them. So, even though I have my weekly NPSA meetings, I still know, in my heart they come first. I know that I need to be a better mom.

This week is just a really hard one for me. It seems that everyone and their dogs are going away for Spring Break. Around here everyone is constantly going on vaca............except for my family. We hardly could afford the last trip we made and now I am looking ahead to my anniversary this summer. Hubby and I were hoping for Hawaii (maybe see a little Crash and such). Now we are just hoping to decorate our room Hawaiian-style and get a babysitter for a night so we can fool around at our own private luau. TMI- sorry!

I strayed again, sorry. So, this week is Spring Break and the kids are home and I have had a tiny glimpse into what my summer is going to be like. I need help!

Back to my insanity thing. I now I am crazy. I've known this for YEARS. More than 20 years to be precise. Why would I ever think that I can handle raising kids when I can hardly get myself up in the morning? I love to just sleep and read and sleep some more and then read some more. That is peace to me.

Peace is not the screaming kids waking me up after only 5 hours of sleep. Peace is not my son throwing blocks at my daughter's head because she said something mean to him. Peace is not fighting all of my kids to get in their seatbelts so we can take a jaunt over to the store and post office (don't forget to get your taxes in the mail today- taxes are not my idea of peace either!).

Did any of you get through that whole post? Did anyone follow my thought process? Are you crazy like me? Thinking that because I was grown up I could handle the little ones? My daughter has a shirt that says "I'm in charge here. The parents are just for show." This is SO true!

Theme songs- Double header for today- both by Will Smith-
1) Parents just don't understand
2) Summertime


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Thoughts

Easter was a great day, I've got to tell you. The sun was shining and I was with my family. What could be better? Nope, not just the candy could keep me happy today. I needed the full spiritual boost!

Easter church has always been a favorite but today seemed especially wonderful. We had a missionary farewell (even though that is not what they are supposed to be) in our ward. He shared a wonderful testimony of Christ and the resurrection.

I admit, I totally bawled! Where are the tissues when you need them?

Then Relief Society was THE BEST! Patti- you did a great job teaching. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, testimony and the Spirit with me today. Sorry I make you cry when you look at me. Is it my face or the fact that I can't NOT cry when I hear you talk about the Savior? Your testimony is a true example to me. I hope you know I am very grateful that you are my friend!

After church was fun with hubby's family. Great lunch, fun hunt and wonderful conversation (well, until the end when we had to make a quick getaway before I lost my lunch because of the off-colored jokes- seriously people, it was getting bad!).

Look at those happy faces! Grandkids on Dalen's side of the family.

Dixie and Annie

Darcy, Steve, Carly and Hayden

Daren, Shandail, Cristie, Hayley and Dylan

Then we came home and I got the best Sunday gift EVER!



It was a short one, but beautiful all the same. Then the fam went for a walk. The day was just too beautiful not to fully enjoy it. I love Spring! There were friends and family we saw while we were out and about. We saw flowers. We enjoyed the not-freezing weather. It really was the epitome of Easter to me. Everything looks new.

If you want to enjoy a very inspiring Easter video check out Wendy's post from yesterday. I watched it twice. Loved it. Loved the music. Also, check out Heidi's Easter post. She has a fabulous link to a youtube video that was just beautiful!

PS I think my kids have had way too much candy.

Today's Theme song- Face to Face by Kenneth Cope. Beautiful music about the Savior!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Where have I been?

I know peeps. I have been neglectful of your blogging needs lately.

This just follows my neglectfulness of what is supposedly important in life, like my kids.

Today is our weekly meeting of NPSA (Neglectful Parents Syndrome Anonymous). If you need more info on this check out my original post. This is our third weekly meeting. Yes, this support group is in its infancy, but I really feel support from those of you out there who have been participating in my NPSA meetings via my comment box. Really, I'd love to encourage you all to get on the bandwagon and post your own admission of NPS! (Hey blogging to I make a button? I really want to create one for my Friday posts, but I am not so smart in the button arena. Fill me in- thanks!)

I'd like to bring this meeting to order. Thank you for all being here. Sometimes I feel all alone in the world with my NPS and then I come here and I know that I am one of many (or at least 2 because my sister told me she would stop by today).

I struggle, as most of you know with time management. Really, I don't manage it at all, I just go with whatever I feel like doing (which never includes laundry, dishes, making beds or cleaning bathrooms). Usually I feel like being on the computer or watching a total chick-flick. So, I am admitting to my electronically-induced child neglect today.

Yes, the keyboard and mouse, the screen and the remote call my name constantly. Who needs to get your kids dressed or change diapers when you could be watching a fabulous YouTube video spoof of Twilight? Really people. So, I've seen the video about a million times (maybe closer to 25, but who's counting when you are rolling on the floor laughing your butt off?).

Facebook calls me when I have to get the lowdown on my non-blogging friends and family. It also calls me when I get a hankering for a good gamefest of Bejeweled Blitz. This can keep me occupied for hours (literally- I was almost late for a Dr's appointment yesterday because I was playing and kept telling myself- ONE MORE GAME, JUST ONE MORE!).

The hilarious (or sad) thing about watching movies is that I have a very hard time just sitting down to watch it. I have to multi-task. I should be using my hands to fold the bazillion baskets of clean laundry while I watch but lately I just grab my Sudoku book and have at it. I guess my brain is in need of extra stimulation. It's good for me, right? I'll keep telling myself that for now.

So, do I need an intervention? Do I need to have hubby lock me out of the computer room. Do I need to banish my television? Help me out here.

PS No theme song because you HAVE to watch this hecka funny video that keeps me laughing!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It has struck again!

Just when you think it is safe to back in the water...

I mean, just when you think life is safe to live again- the CURSE strikes again. Do I need to remind you of the curse? Check out the link if you forgot. Most of you are repeat customers, so I am sure that you are up on my lingo, my life, and ultimately the lowdown on the curse.

Well, it struck again. I know, you are in total shock. You are asking yourself- how on earth can so many bad things happen to one family. Well, the answer to that is- THE CURSE!

This past week has been a ton of fun with my sister. We made pretty hair flowers, watched conference (all sessions), got together for a girls' night with Sherry, had a HUGE extended family dinner on Sunday (totally fun to see everyone) and stayed up late watching movies. In all actuality I really did think that the Curse would do a hop, skip and jump over this little family visit. But, alas, no such luck. (I feel like Shakespeare when I say alas!)

Yesterday my sis and her family ventured down to my sis' (and my) Alma mater- BYU (Provo- I only add that because there are now 2 other BYU's). I think we have already ruled out BYU Hawaii- since I have never been there, which leaves BYU Idaho (which I did attend but when it was Ricks- so I will ALWAYS call it Ricks). So, that leaves Provo.

Okay, I strayed, sorry! So, they spent the better part of yesterday touring the campus, checking out President Hinckley's building (with Sister Hinckley's chair inside) and seeing all of the new sites since my sis and I attended school there.

When they got home I only had a little bit until I had to jet off to work. Knowing this was our last night together before her trek home we planned for a Denny's midnight run. There are great memories attached to Denny's. Not necessarily the food, but the memories were fabulous. Trying to relive old days we planned that when I got off of work we would head on over for a little sister-time.

Lucky me got off work early so I thought we could head to Denny's early and then get home in time to help get her car all packed up and ready for today's journey. I called ahead to make sure she was ready to jet and this is what I heard,

"Ummm, I have a daughter who is chucking."



She was totally fine when I left. Apparently her daughter caught some bug that caused her to hurl her cookies about every 10 minutes. Good times!

The result of said illness is that we did NOT make it to Denny's. Instead my BIL watched the sicky while sis and I ran to the store for popsicles and a few necessary snackage for the trip. Secretly we did do a driveby- oh, I mean a drive thru at Del Shmaco for a chicken soft taco and fries. We also tried a shrimp taco, which to be honest was surprisingly good. I think I might venture there again for a seafood extravaganza (if one could call it that- which I just did). We had to be sneaky, though, so we stuck the food in the grocery bags and went in. I left our water cups on the porch so as not to arise any suspicion. Worked like a charm. BIL went to bed and sis and I headed to the couch for a little sister-time sans the Denny's. Too bad, but we'll take what we can get.

Sis and fam headed home to Idaho this morning. I'm gonna miss her. Had so much fun with her cuties, and really had a blast with my BIL who totally loves my sarcasm. (Did you feel that drenched with and oozing the sarcasm??? Well, you shoulda.)

I just got off of the phone with her and so far no chuckage. Let's pray she makes it home without any "incidences."

Theme song- Another one bites the dust by Queen.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Okay, so I know that really isn't a real word, but it should be.

I forgot to hold our weekly meeting for NPSA yesterday. Sorry! So I am going to bring this meeting to order...

Again, I will go first. Honestly people. Can someone else feel comfortable enough to go first or am I always going to start these meetings? Oh, wait! This is MY blog. I guess I should go first. Unless, of course, someone wants to totally participate. In which case you have to blog about it on FRIDAY on your blog and let me know about it.

Hello, My name is Julie and I am a neglectful parent.

(Hello Julie)

This week I realized my children come second to my iPod. Well, maybe they are third on the list because my books are first, then my iPod. I knew this when I grabbed my iPod from my bag once I got the kids buckled into the van. I was planning on listening to an audiobook while I was driving up to hubby's work. When I took it out of my bag, UMM asked, "What are you listening to on your iPod, Mommy?"

So, I know some of you may not think this is a big deal. However, I was planning on putting BOTH earpieces in and totally ignoring whatever they said for the duration of the drive. If this isn't neglectful I don't know what is. Really, they could have been having a corinary in the back seat and I would have had no clue. There could have been a three-legged unicorn flying by their window and I wouldn't have heard their screams of joy/fright (this is a quandry, would they be excited about the unicorn or freaked out that it only had 3 legs?).

A couple of times during the drive I would vaguely hear someone call, "MOMMY!" but I am pretty sure it was just the wind.

No, just kidding. I would push pause, take out one earpiece and say, very calmly, "WHAT!" Then I would not so patiently listen to whoever had called my name. Then I would say (again, very calmly), "WAS THAT NECESSARY TO BUG ME ABOUT?" Really, I am so loving and caring sometimes, don't you think?

So, am I alone here? Is the iPod/mp3-player inventor a devil-man wishing and plotting ways to make me suffer even more from NPS? You tell me!

Theme song for tonight- Cotton Eyed Joe because I put my iTunes on Random Shuffle and this was the first song to play. Appropriate that I would let my iPod do the picking tonight. Are you feeling like you come after my iPod in importance to my life? Well, maybe you're right. But, you read this post all the way through and you are still here, so I am guessing you can forgive this one fault. RIGHT?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just thinking

Who couldn't use a good smile with that face? Can you see my baby's fangs? I know you are thinking that I have an unnatural fixation with vampires, but I am part vampire, don't you know? I mean, the girl does have my genes, and check out those biters! She looks terrifying in that duck towel, too!

Moving on to my real topic for today. (I just don't have a picture to go with it and I took this one this morning and really wanted to share it with y'all!)

I am now contributing to a new blog managed by 2 of my blog friends from my stalking list- Andrea at BloggingMama and Shelle at BlokThoughts. The new blog is In The Real World- Venus vs. Mars. So, today was my first post and I have already made new friends. I love this blogging thing. Who knew when I started this that I would meet people from other states and countries. People that I probably will never meet in real life (well, except for Heidi at Dunhaven Place because she is coming to Utah THIS month!!!). I do however totally plan on meeting Crash one day because I WILL go to Hawaii! I WILL! I WILL! I WILL! (done with a foot stomp) I also should be able to realistically meet Kristina at Pulsipher Predilections because we don't live that far from each other, but this post might creep her out and she might put a restraining order on me and then I will either have to go to jail for breaking the law or never meeting her. Hmmm, hard choice there. I have so many others that I am sure you have noticed that my Shameless Blog Stalking list is constantly growing. What is a girl to do when her time is limited and she keeps meeting new friends on their blogs? Skip the cleaning? Yup, already do that. Let my kids eat crap for lunch? Yup, already do that? Neglect personal hygiene? Not usually, but I do wait until after I have satisfied my blog-hunger. Where else can I pull time from?

Really, all this goes back to PLEASE read my posting over there. And if you have jumped over here from there, WELCOME! Come back anytime. I love visitors, friends,family, stalkers, neighbors and the like.

Today's theme song- Mr. Rogers' Theme song from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.