Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It has struck again!

Just when you think it is safe to back in the water...

I mean, just when you think life is safe to live again- the CURSE strikes again. Do I need to remind you of the curse? Check out the link if you forgot. Most of you are repeat customers, so I am sure that you are up on my lingo, my life, and ultimately the lowdown on the curse.

Well, it struck again. I know, you are in total shock. You are asking yourself- how on earth can so many bad things happen to one family. Well, the answer to that is- THE CURSE!

This past week has been a ton of fun with my sister. We made pretty hair flowers, watched conference (all sessions), got together for a girls' night with Sherry, had a HUGE extended family dinner on Sunday (totally fun to see everyone) and stayed up late watching movies. In all actuality I really did think that the Curse would do a hop, skip and jump over this little family visit. But, alas, no such luck. (I feel like Shakespeare when I say alas!)

Yesterday my sis and her family ventured down to my sis' (and my) Alma mater- BYU (Provo- I only add that because there are now 2 other BYU's). I think we have already ruled out BYU Hawaii- since I have never been there, which leaves BYU Idaho (which I did attend but when it was Ricks- so I will ALWAYS call it Ricks). So, that leaves Provo.

Okay, I strayed, sorry! So, they spent the better part of yesterday touring the campus, checking out President Hinckley's building (with Sister Hinckley's chair inside) and seeing all of the new sites since my sis and I attended school there.

When they got home I only had a little bit until I had to jet off to work. Knowing this was our last night together before her trek home we planned for a Denny's midnight run. There are great memories attached to Denny's. Not necessarily the food, but the memories were fabulous. Trying to relive old days we planned that when I got off of work we would head on over for a little sister-time.

Lucky me got off work early so I thought we could head to Denny's early and then get home in time to help get her car all packed up and ready for today's journey. I called ahead to make sure she was ready to jet and this is what I heard,

"Ummm, I have a daughter who is chucking."



She was totally fine when I left. Apparently her daughter caught some bug that caused her to hurl her cookies about every 10 minutes. Good times!

The result of said illness is that we did NOT make it to Denny's. Instead my BIL watched the sicky while sis and I ran to the store for popsicles and a few necessary snackage for the trip. Secretly we did do a driveby- oh, I mean a drive thru at Del Shmaco for a chicken soft taco and fries. We also tried a shrimp taco, which to be honest was surprisingly good. I think I might venture there again for a seafood extravaganza (if one could call it that- which I just did). We had to be sneaky, though, so we stuck the food in the grocery bags and went in. I left our water cups on the porch so as not to arise any suspicion. Worked like a charm. BIL went to bed and sis and I headed to the couch for a little sister-time sans the Denny's. Too bad, but we'll take what we can get.

Sis and fam headed home to Idaho this morning. I'm gonna miss her. Had so much fun with her cuties, and really had a blast with my BIL who totally loves my sarcasm. (Did you feel that drenched with and oozing the sarcasm??? Well, you shoulda.)

I just got off of the phone with her and so far no chuckage. Let's pray she makes it home without any "incidences."

Theme song- Another one bites the dust by Queen.