Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just thinking

Who couldn't use a good smile with that face? Can you see my baby's fangs? I know you are thinking that I have an unnatural fixation with vampires, but I am part vampire, don't you know? I mean, the girl does have my genes, and check out those biters! She looks terrifying in that duck towel, too!

Moving on to my real topic for today. (I just don't have a picture to go with it and I took this one this morning and really wanted to share it with y'all!)

I am now contributing to a new blog managed by 2 of my blog friends from my stalking list- Andrea at BloggingMama and Shelle at BlokThoughts. The new blog is In The Real World- Venus vs. Mars. So, today was my first post and I have already made new friends. I love this blogging thing. Who knew when I started this that I would meet people from other states and countries. People that I probably will never meet in real life (well, except for Heidi at Dunhaven Place because she is coming to Utah THIS month!!!). I do however totally plan on meeting Crash one day because I WILL go to Hawaii! I WILL! I WILL! I WILL! (done with a foot stomp) I also should be able to realistically meet Kristina at Pulsipher Predilections because we don't live that far from each other, but this post might creep her out and she might put a restraining order on me and then I will either have to go to jail for breaking the law or never meeting her. Hmmm, hard choice there. I have so many others that I am sure you have noticed that my Shameless Blog Stalking list is constantly growing. What is a girl to do when her time is limited and she keeps meeting new friends on their blogs? Skip the cleaning? Yup, already do that. Let my kids eat crap for lunch? Yup, already do that? Neglect personal hygiene? Not usually, but I do wait until after I have satisfied my blog-hunger. Where else can I pull time from?

Really, all this goes back to PLEASE read my posting over there. And if you have jumped over here from there, WELCOME! Come back anytime. I love visitors, friends,family, stalkers, neighbors and the like.

Today's theme song- Mr. Rogers' Theme song from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.