Monday, May 17, 2010

All I Ever Needed To Know...

...about myself I learned from my son.

  1. "You're almost Beautiful." (He said this to me when I was not quite finished getting ready for the day. Apparently all I needed to do still was fix my hair. Then maybe I would be all the way beautiful.)
  2. "You know the wiggly part on the back of your arms. When it wiggles like that it means you're chubby... But that's okay mom. You're working on it." (Said as we were leaving the gym. I had my workout clothes on, which afforded him a perfect view of my wiggly arms.)
  3. "Do you think Malia's hair will ever be dark like ours? Well, not like your's mom, cuz yours is white."

Is it a wonder why some days I just don't wanna get out of bed?

Really, kids are just too honest. He loves his momma though. He tells me everyday, "You're the best mom." Now, I don't think I qualify as the best mom, but I do think I can forgive the chubby, old, and almost beautiful comments when he tells me he loves me.