Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's Not ALL Bad

I'm not dead (although I walk with the living dead- working the nightshift). I am not sick (although I sometimes am sick to my stomach and constantly tired). I am really alive and kicking (sometimes kicking mad- but that is not for today's story).

So, since I haven't died I thought I would bring some holiday cheer to y'all! True story! (and I'll try REALLY hard to only add the important details since I am famous for too many details)

FiM lost his wallet today, while he was at an unnamed store (Ross Dress for Less- which to me is the equivilent of ghetto shopping- sorry for those of you who love the place, I'd rather shop at Wally World- never had a good experience at Ross). Anywho... He was at the counter, checking out and reached for his wallet, which he knew he had with him. Apparently he had to go back and look for it, people just stared, no one offered assistance. UGH! Where is the Christmas Spirit of kindness, love, charity, giving???? It was totally missing. No one offered to help look, so he ran home to cancel all the cards.

A little side note, which is uber-important to this story, FiM worked a side job this month to make some extra money for Christmas. He was paid in gift cards... which happened to be in his wallet.

Missing items : license, debit card, work debit card, temple recommend, library card, social security card (don't even get me started on this one) and 4 gift cards (non-replaceable). Other things too, but this just gives you an idea of the stress he had when he lost it, and the stress I had when I found out.

After confusion and annoyance on the phone with the credit union and such to cancel said cards and shaking from frustration with whoever thought it was okay to take it right before Christmas I just wanted to cry. Thankfully my wonderful friend/sister Sherry was here and she helped me through it.


All of a sudden....

I kid you not....

a car pulled up to the house (like 2 or 3 hrs later).

Sherry and I looked at each other wondering who the heck was parking in front of my house. Didn't recognize the car, didn't recognize the lady...

But I did recognize what she had in her hand as she walked up the front steps. I ran to the front door and pulled it open before she even had a chance to knock. Think I probably scared her. I already had tears in my eyes. She said she found it at Ross (yup). She had called the library to get the number, they wouldn't give it but they tried to call us to let us know. They didn't know we disconnected our house line. Oops! Then the lady called blockbuster. Same problem. Oops, again! So she then decided to just drive over to the address on the driver's license. She apologized for looking through the wallet. Ummm, I don't care, she brought it back. I only wish I had something to give to her to tell her thank you. I hugged her and thanked her and told her she was so wonderful.

So for all of you out there.... no everyone is a selfish, rude, obnoxious, awful person this time of year. There are good people out there who will do the right thing. I doubt this lady will ever look at this blog, but I want to thank her and tell everyone I know that an angel touched my life today!