Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not Again!

I'm starting off by saying this happened NOT ON MY WATCH! I got a message from hubby last night on my cell. While I was working apparently my daughter- the oldest- kicked her foot through a window.

Ummmm, really?

Yes, REALLY! Not something I would joke about.

He had to take her to Urgent Care because she sliced 2 of her toes.

The Dr. wanted to stitch her up but she would have none of that. She was too scared, so he just glued the cuts and put tape over them. Because she didn't get stitched she can't walk on her foot for 5 days. GREAT!

So, now here we are, at home, with an extra kid. She is lovin' the life, though, I'm pretty sure. All she has done today is watch movies and snack.

She is hopping around when she feels like it, which I'm sure will eventually cause some other injury because she is my child and the family curse is still in full force. I do have to be grateful, though. Her injury could have been A LOT worse.

I'll have to let you know if the curse strikes again... Wait, it already did. How many of your kids have kicked their foot through a window?

I have to give a little info on this window. We have had all but 2 windows replaced in our house. Those have not been done because according to housing code we have to have well windows for those rooms and getting the concrete cut for that is more than what is in our checking account at any given moment. So, although the actual replacement windows were purchased over 3 years ago they are still sitting quietly in the office downstairs, not saying a word. I think they are hibernating. They could be dead for all I know. Really, they are just there. Of all windows for my daughter to kick she had to kick 1 (of the 2 not replaced yet) out of 18 windows in our house. What are the odds? Anyone good at math here? (That was not a rhetorical question, I'd really like to know the answer.

A side note, this morning at breakfast the oldest asked me if we could do some home-schooling while she is not at school this week. Well, I had a flashback to my Idaho trip that almost knocked me on the ground. We did do a little home-schooling-type-thingy while in Idaho because the kids missed a whole week of school. I know, I'm a great parent. You should already know that! Really all I did was go to the dollar store and get the kids some workbooks to do. I did help with some of the stuff, but basically let them have fun while I was playing with my sis and her darling baby! (remember the pics? She is darling, isn't she!?)

Okay, back to my story- so, after finishing a page in the workbook Oldest Child asked me if I would check her work. She was working on spelling and I noticed that one of the words she was using a capital S instead of the lowercase s. I asked her to tell me when we use a capital. She gave me a crusty look that would put all of your kids to shame. No, she didn't answer my question so I began to list the uses of capitalizing a word. Still nothing. Seriously, she was SOOOOOO mad. So, I decided that she didn't need help if she was going to be stubborn. I walked away.

Later I told my sis about it and how I am pretty sure Oldest Child does not like me. One moment we are buddy-buddy and the next moment she is trying to kill me with the crusty-look from helk (thanks for letting me borrow that word Crash!).

My sister, ever the peacekeeper in the family pulled Oldest Child aside later and talked to her about what happened. My sister asked why she was being mean to me. Oldest Child said, "My mom is not a good teacher."

WHAT! I taught that girl's preschool for 3 years. She did great and was totally prepared for school. She tells people all the time that she was special because mom taught her preschool. Now I have to pawn my kids off on a friend for preschool (well, I do pay her for it!). I don't really have the time or patience to do it right now. Remember how my house looks(like this and this)? And now she tells her aunt that I am NOT A GOOD TEACHER? What in the freakin' world. (yes, I just said freakin')

After talking for a bit Oldest Child restated her original thought with this..."My mom is not a good teacher...for me."

Like that is supposed to make me feel better.

Which pulls us back to the original story of her hurt foot. Did she honestly just ask me, the "not a good teacher" mom to homeschool her?

After I picked my jaw up off the ground I smiled and oh so politely walked away.

Theme song- First Cut Is The Deepest by Cat Stevens. I was debating which version of the song to put on (I also like the Sheryl Crow version) but I think I like this one the best. It's just classic! (Not to mention appropriate for the post.)

Friday, March 27, 2009

First Official Meeting

I'd like to call the meeting to order. Since I am the one in charge I will be the first to go...

Hi, my name is Julie and I suffer from NPS.

(everyone say, "Hello, Julie.")

Well, I first realized this shortly after my first daughter was born. I spent gobbs of time scrapbooking her every booger, poopie diaper and naptime poses. I know that doesn't sound like I was being neglectful, right? But really, I was doing most of the work while she was awake and I could have been playing with her, but I wasn't. I was at a table with my friend being all creative.

It has only gotten worse over the last almost 8 years. Currently my biggest issue is reading. I am a HUGE fan. Don't even get me started on the Twilight series (I know some of you hated them, but they were a great escape for me when I first found out about my cardiomyopathy and I needed to think/dream of good things like eternal love/life and dreamy kisses!). My newest author- love is for Marcia Lynn McClure. She is a fab-o author of clean romance. Who couldn't use a little (or a lot) fantasy time?

So, this is where we come to my being neglectful. I would rather sit and read a fabulous book than make lunch for my kids. Who needs to eat, right? Sure Bits, you can have that bowl full of graham crackers and marshmallows for lunch. It's healthy, right? (And then I wonder why she goes rabid on me. Hmmm! Not much to wonder there, I guess.)

I am currently reading Shackles of Honor.

Umm, can we say YUM!? We all dream of a Mason, don't we? Thanks to my friend Laina for giving me all of my reading addictions. She is the one that told me about Twilight (long before the craze began) and she is the one that intro'ed me to Marcia.

Here are a few others of my favorites. They are really quick reads, but the problem is I don't do anything else when I want to just sit lazily and read!

My reading addiction has lead to another problem. I don't want to sleep. I want to just keep reading. I hate it when a fabulous book ends because I just want it to go forever.

Seriously, I get off of work at midnight. Home not too long after that, but then I don't go to sleep until 2 or so because I read to relax.Main problem there is, when the book is so good I don't relax. I totally get into it and then there is no sleeping. I keep telling myself "just one more chapter then I will put it down." But then the chapter ends and I am feeling all warm and fuzzy about the sexy main guy and I have to keep reading to see if/when he is going to kiss the beautiful main girl.

Lack of sleep = worsening of NPS. What do I do? Do I accept this shortcoming, embrace my reading obsession or do I swear off books for the rest of my life?

Any suggestions?

Thanks for listening.

Who would like to be next?

(Theme song- Who Needs Sleep by Bare Naked Ladies)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Letter to all Utah Drivers

Lately I have been reading other blogs (big surprise, I know) and people have been writing letters to other people who need some serious knocking-upside-the-head. So I figured it is my turn.

Dear Utah Driver who totally cut me off when I had the green light,

I know that here in Utah you are allowed to have an open-pamphlet written test so you never really have to learn the real, safe driving laws. But where I come from (SoCal) we actually had to memorize the laws/rules of the road. So I am going to impart some of my memorized wisdom to you so that in the future I won't feel the need to give you some fowl gestures (yes, pun was intended- you know, the bird! Heehee!). Not that I have ever given anyone said gesture, but who knows. The next time I encounter your inconsiderate/unsafe driving I might now be able to control my hands.

Here is today's driving lesson!

41-6a-304. Obeying devices
(1) Except as otherwise directed by a peace officer or other authorized personnel under Section 41-6a-209 and except as provided under Section 41-6a-212 for authorized emergency vehicles, the operator of a vehicle shall obey the instructions of any traffic-control device placed or held in accordance with this chapter.

You ask for plain English. I will comply! You are to OBEY all traffic signals. Example. Yesterday when I had waited patiently at my red light to turn left I did not just go ahead and turn because I felt I was more important than all other drivers on the road. When my light did turn green I proceeded with caution. Now, since I had the GREEN light I know for sure that you had the RED light. Yes, I understand that you came to a full stop, but YOU DID NOT have the right to turn in front of my just because you think you are more important than me. I did not see a woman in labor sitting in your car. You weren't headed to the hospital for an emergency (I saw you turn into a quick mart immediately after). You didn't have any sirens wailing, no lights flashing to signal that you were of the police-type-person. No, you just pulled in front of me because you, like many other drivers never had to learn the rules of the road.

So, for future reference- DO NOT turn right when you see other cars using their right-of-way. Stop, wait your turn, then go. Not when you think it is your turn, but really, when it truly is your turn. Then maybe people will stop complaining about stupid Utah drivers.

Seriously Ticked-off California Driver!

PS Yes, you can get pulled over for a failure to yield, but since most Utah cops fall under the Utah drivers category I am not sure how often this happens.

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.

Theme song- Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

Monday, March 23, 2009

Rabid Britin

To the normal eye she looks like a perfectly healthy 4 year old. But to her mom, she is Rabid Britin.

While in Idaho on vacation I was privied to witness the rabid come out in her. Well, maybe that isn't such a privilege. One night we went to the restaurant for dinner since my sis and I had been out most of the day running errands and chasing 8 kids. Fun for us. So, we did the cheater-thing and went out for dinner.

Britin CHOSE a grilled cheese sandwich for her dinner. Grilled cheese sandwich coming up! Note- this is one of her favorite things to eat. She LURVES cheese! So I was thinking she made a perfect selection. Dinner comes and she doesn't touch it. She is just enjoying the rootbeer (mommy usually doesn't let the chillins have soda). Finally, I took her soda away and said that she couldn't have anymore until she ate her sandwich and fries. WOW! Not the thing to say.

Some kind of chemical thing happened in her and she flipped out. LITERALLY! She slinked down off of the bench and onto the floor. I tried to grab her and she went at me with her legs, kicking like a crazy woman!

(Sorry for the major use of exclamation marks, but I really mean EVERYTHING! If you had been there you would totally understand!)

Finally I was able to grab her and drag her out from under the table. She was screaming and hitting and still trying to kick, although I had both of her legs and the kicking didn't really get to me. I sat her down (all the while she is still yelling). The patrons of the restaurant didn't know when they sat down to dinner that they were also going to get a show. And what a show it was!

I have NEVER seen Bits this crazy. That's the only way to describe how she was acting.

Back to my story- she wouldn't calm down so I took her to the bathroom, thankfully it was a single. On my way our waitress asked if everything was okay. Umm, does it look okay? "Sure, she is just having a cow, don't mind us."

I thought the bathroom was a good idea. Later I found out that it just echoed, making it possible for the WHOLE restaurant to hear what was going on instead of our small little corner. At this point my BIL (who is the manager) came out to the table and asked my sis if we were okay. NOPE, sure not.

In the bathroom all I could do was laugh. She had scraped up my neck (drawing blood even- good thing I am up to date on my tetnus shots). She was balling her hands up into fists and turning red. I laughed even harder when she screamed in a possessed-esque voice "THAT'S NOT FUNNY!" I said,"yes, it is." She kept repeating it until she came after me with her claws primed and ready for attack.

That was the point when I had to grab her and take her out to the car and get her strapped into her seatbelt. It was all about containment at that point. So, I told my sister I would be in the car. I felt bad leaving her with my other 3 (along with her 4) but there was nothing I could do. I had Bits slung over my shoulder, still kicking.

In the car it was a struggle to get her buckled in, but I was triumphant. The mom ALWAYS wins.

In the car she cried and screamed until she started to cough. The coughing turned into a fit and eventually she puked all over herself. Nice mother that I am handed her wipies (the mothers' miracle) and told her to clean it up herself. Not too long afterwards my sister came out with 7 kids trailing behind. All of them well-mannered (ya, they saw mom go crazy when Bits threw a fit. They didn't want any part of that!). Smart sis boxed up the dinner and brought it with her and when we got back to her place Bits had to sit down and eat the rest of her dinner while the rest of the kids got dessert.

Since then we have had occasional rabid moments.

Here is part of an article in the local paper about what happened.

"This incident does not indicate that the general public should fear [Britin], but it certainly does illustrate why it's a good idea to admire [Britin] from a distance and to not do anything to lure [her] close or to try and capture [her]," says Doug Messerly, DWR regional supervisor.

"Even animals that appear healthy will defend themselves when they're in contact with people. A bite or a scratch can cause infection or even transmit other diseases besides rabies."

The majority of rabies cases occur in wild animals, such as raccoons, skunks, bats, foxes and [Britins]. Domestic dogs, cats and cattle are also susceptible to the disease.

"In the United States, exposure to rabies is rare in humans, but it does occur from time to time, [as in Britin's case]. The numbers of human deaths in the United States associated with rabies is currently one or two a year, and death only occurs in people who fail to seek medical help until after the disease symptoms have started.

"[Luckily her mother was not infected from the heinous scratch to the neck.]

"If people observe any unusual or aggressive behavior in [Britin], they need to leave [her] alone and report the observation to local police and the Division of Wildlife Resources," Messerly says.

"It can be a big mistake for people to try to help what appears to be an animal in distress. Please leave [her] alone, and let wild [Britin] be wild."

(No, not really- please don't tell me you actually thought there was an article written about Britin. Actually this is a real article- I just changed it a little to fit my story. Heehee!)

Theme song for today- 17 Goin' on Crazy by Smashed Gladys.

While thinking about what to write I was talking to my sis who witnessed said occurance. I told her that when a man and woman get together they give off phermones that attract each other. When Britin and I get together I give off some hormone that makes her go rabid. I doubt there is a pill for this, but if any of you could find one, I would pay serious moola for it!

Just like Dad

I love my son. He says funny things, as I have told y'all! This weekend he was in the bathtub. Poor guy was in a bubble bath with his owies, so it didn't feel so good. This is not a result of my NPS. It is a result of asking his older sister to run the bathtub while I changed MMIT's nasty diaper. She was treating the kids to a bubble bath, not realizing that the soap might irritate the sores. He made the best of it, though. He was Santa first. Then he helped his sister to be Santa. Then he did this...


Recently I have noticed a seriously problem. It is something I suffer from and I know there are other moms and dads out there that suffer just like me. I'd like to offer some support for those of you who have contracted this debilitating disease.

NPS- Neglectful Parent Syndrome

Along with my BA (Bloggers Anonymous) group I will be holding a NPSA group to help all of you who need encouragement, support and acceptance.

I'd like to give a few examples to show you that you are not alone in your NPS. We need to all come together and offer a helping hand to each other. Together we might even recover (but I seriously doubt it).

Sorry some of them are out of focus, my camera doesn't like to get closeups of injuries. It must have a soft heart for my little ones!

disclaimer- I was actually at work when both of these injuries happened, so maybe it really is my hubby who has NPS.

Theme song for today- Collide by Howie Day.

Post note- Jacob fell of his scooter. Lesson learned- we bought his a new helmet (to encourage him to actually wear it). MMIT was pushed off a bike by UMM.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Way

Pretty scenery picture from my Montana drive-thru. Sorry about the side mirror- I was driving- go figure.

So, I was on the phone with my sis who just started her own blog! YEAH! I was getting lunch ready for the little chillins and UMM didn't want the leftover spaghetti that I warmed up. She ONLY wanted juice. Um, no. You have to have F.O.O.D. in order to get juice. Sis heard me say this and she comment that sometimes she wants to tell her kids, "This isn't a restaurant. This isn't Burger King, you can't have it your way." I giggled and said, "This is Burger Queen. You can only have it MY WAY!" Had to share it with you.

Drum Roll Please. And now for the weiner... I mean winner of the nastola fridge contest.

I decided to be a little crazy and let there be 2 winners. YUP! Major surprise, I am doubling the winners. Using random.org (which btw is a fun website- I have OCD about #'s and I was fixated on putting random #'s in and letting it pick for me. This occupied me for about 10 minutes until I decided I needed to get this done and get going on my laundry- again! So I put in the real #'s and it spit out our winner. Sorry, soap is not included in the prize to clean off the computer generated spit that is now all over you.)

#1 winner- DARCY! YEAH! I have your address and will probably just bring your 2-pack prize to your house.

#2 winner- Val of the South! CONGRATS! I don't have your address, so I need you to send me your info- my email is julie dot youngblood at gmail dot com.

Again, here is what you have won! YEAH for you both!

Unfortunately no one was brave enough to actually enter the contest by posting their own gross refrigerators, which was a great disappointment to me, but maybe it just goes to show you my strength of character and that I feel totally comfortable with my grossness. Or, maybe I am the only one that is weird enough to think that others would like to view my filth. Or, maybe it could be that I secretly like to teach people, and this is just a small and simple gift I am giving to you... the perfect example of how NOT to be a homemaker. Ya, I think that's it.

I was trying to think of some fabulous TMI to share today so that I could have one of my long-time favorite songs be my theme for today. Couldn't come up with anything about Kisses that would fit in (or that I felt inspired to share). Then I remembered that not all music in movies fit perfectly. SO I am going off of some of the verses of the song...

Is it too much to ask
I want a comfortable bed that won't hurt my back
Food to fill me up
And warm clothes and all that stuff
Shouldn't I have this
Shouldn't I have this
Shouldn't I have all of this

Do I want too much
Am I going overboard to want that touch
I shout it out to the night
"Give me what I deserve, 'cause it's my right"
Shouldn't I have this (shouldn't I)
Shouldn't I have this (shouldn't I)
Shouldn't I have all of this,

Yes, that's the lyrics to Passionate Kisses by Mary Chapin Carpenter. LOVE IT! Thought it went well with the Burger Queen- "Have it MY WAY!"

Monday, March 16, 2009

Say that again

UMM is the funniest kid to walk the earth (and I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom). She really is!

Bits: "Daddy has a boy baby in his belly."

Mom: "No Sweetie, Daddies don't have babies in their bellies."

Bits: "Why is him's belly so big?"

Mom: "Ask your Dad that one!"

No, this is NOT a drawing of my hubby, it just made me giggle and I love adding pictures to my posts, as I'm sure all of you love to see pictures.

I'm sure if he had some input for this posting he would blame me. See, I heart goodies. I have to have snacks around. ALWAYS. That's how I was raised. Of course now that my metabolism isn't what it was before I had kids I struggle with my weight now, too. But snacking is a hard addiction to overcome. I go to the store and have to pick up snacks for the kids and some "mommy snacks." You all know what I am talking about. The snacks that only come out when the kids are not around. The more expensive chocolates that you just can't do without. Yup, those are the "mommy snacks."

So, since I buy the snacks and make monster sized meals (I learned to cook for my family growing up- 8 people), I snack on things constantly and I am gone most nights he would say it is my fault.

I understand we are both bored eaters. I understand I have a serious lack of self control when chocolate is in the house, but I blame that on myself. So, let's all just buck up and take responsibility. Repeat after me- "If I have no self control it is my own dang fault." I'm not just talking food. Genetically I am predisposed to being overweight. I have to accept that. Others have the same problem. I'm talking about a general lack of self control. I don't seem to listen when the little voice in my head says I've been blogging long enough. I don't listen when I tell myself that I need to put the book down and go to sleep because it is after 2am. I don't listen when I tell myself that I will only have a handful of Cadbury Mini Eggs (not the ones with the filling, just the milk chocolate with the hard shells. YUM!). Do you know what I mean? My intentions to have good self control are there, but I don't seem to know how to follow my own thoughts/advice.

Any advice you would like to give on this subject will probably be ignored, but you are welcome to put any on here that you would like. I'll just delete it if I don't like it or the little voice inside my head tells me to. See, I do listen to the voice sometimes.

Did this post follow anyone else's train of thought? I think my train got derailed as I was typing. Hopefully you aren't all sick from the rollercoaster ride.

Theme song-
The Fast Food Song by the Fast Food Rockers.

REMINDER- There are only 2 more days to enter my gross fridge contest. If you are interested still here is the info. The winner will be announced on Wednesday. Good luck to y'all!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

After Hours

Okay, this is probably my last post about my trip, but I had to do it. There were pictures that I didn't add before because they really deserve their own space. So I am sweeping the dust off the mantle and putting these up front and center for all who enter my domain to see. What do we do when it is after hours, all rooms are taken and the kitchen is occupied by a man who requires silence to finish his talk? You find the one unoccuppied space in the house, which happens to be the bathroom.

Yup, we weren't ready to call it quits, knowing it was our last night together, so in true form for our family we had a game night. We tried to get hubby in on the action but to no avail, he would have none of that. Beside, really, where would we have fit him in? Even my bro had to occupy the tub to be comfy. Too bad that it was a little wet. Thankfully it wasn't wet after he sat in it, but now he had a different problem. His pants were wet. Oh well!

We laughed so hard, had a great time. Have you ever played True Colors? Not the newest version, which is sorta like the old one, but not as fun. I'm talking the original, honest to goodness True Colors. This is one great game. I would pay $$$ or maybe just some spare change to get he original. My sis has it so we were able to indulge in some down and dirty playing. And when I say dirty, I mean dirty!

Sorry, I warned you, didn't I? My bro is a little odd, I know. But, I think he is a keeper. If anyone knows a fabulous, single girl between the ages of 20 and 28 he is available. He has multiple talents like being able to name any movie star and what movies they have been in, quoting a movie or TV show after having seen it once and he is wicked awesome at golf. He is the go-to guy when you can't remember the name of a movie, just so you know.

The night was a total blast. Unfortunately the winner was my hubby. But wait, did I say he didn't play. Yup, that's right. He didn't even play and he won. That will teach us to play for him. We didn't want the game to go too fast so I played for myself and for hubby, Jeanne played for herself and her hubby and Dave played for himself and one of our other sisters. Man, I'm just too good for my own good. I should have thrown the game for Dalen, but I was too honest and good at guessing his mind. Or is that my mind? Whichever... he still won. Totally rude!

We laughed until we cried. So that is tonight's theme song, by Jason Aldean.

You know you're a blogger if...

You know you are a blogger if

  1. you dream about blogging. (which happened last night and inspired this list)
  2. you are going about your day thinking of all of the things you want to blog about.
  3. you have ever said the phrase, "I am so blogging that."
  4. you take pictures just so you can blog them.
  5. you wake up in the morning and check your blog to see if there are any new comments.
  6. you check your blog before you shower.
  7. your house goes to pot because blogging is more important than cleaning. (see this post am this one)
  8. your kids tell you ideas for posting.
  9. you ask your hubby if he liked today's posting before you kiss him. (sad, but true)
  10. you try to convince everyone that blogging is the best invention ever.
  11. you have ever uttered the phrase, "do you blog?"
  12. you keep up with your NEIGHBORS by reading their blog.
If you have anymore suggestions leave them in my comment box. These are only the ones my tired brain could come up with because, yes, I did just wake up.

And, to finish off this post I am finally going to post the pictures from my vaca. Enjoy!

Helping with the packing.

On the road, so fell asleep like this. Hey, I took this picture while driving. Pointed the camera over my shoulder and clicked the picture. Turned out pretty centered.

Yes, I was driving while I took this picture, too.

This one, too!

My first picture of my beautiful sister and my beautiful niece.

Helping my BIL clean the attic at his restaurant- all of this was in there. Malia looking on at all the goods she can play with. What to attack first? HMM?

My oldest cheeseball! Having fun helping with the cleaning.

All of this was in the attic. Yes, we were sneezing and we all had dirty boogers for the rest of the day. TMI, I know, but I had to say it.

This is my favorite picture. She was showing me her dirty hands from cleaning the attic and somehow I snapped it as her eyes were crossed. HILARIOUS!

Having dinner when the restaurant was closed. The kids all had a great time. This was their treat for helping with the cleanup.

Me and my sis... we helped with the cleanup, too. I'll blame that and traveling on my sloppy garb, k?

Gimme the drink! She LOVES the drink.

So, I just woke up and had to get my baby fill so my sis snapped this picture of me and Rachel.

Can you tell I was loving being around my sister and her daughter? Couldn't get enough pictures of them!

And now, for the fashion show...

Just a little tuckered out from all of the water play.

The littler kids were worn out before the mommies and the older kids were. Luckily my BIL was willing to sit with them while we played on the slides and in the wave pool.

Nasty picture of my and my whiteness, but I am with my girls having a great time. BTW- this was an indoor water park in Idaho. It was still too cold to be going outside in a bathing suit.

I know you are totally jealous of my whiteness. I had to show you all that my legs have not seen the light of day in so many years. Don't look too closely, I hadn't shaved in 2 days. Oops!

Another picture of 2 of my favorite girls!

Check out the suit and bowtie. Isn't it the best. This is my little nephew that I could just squeeze the poop out of. He is a total doll!

This was the birthday/baptism boy. Holding his candle as we sang "Happy Birthday" since we couldn't light it in the church that we were using for the party and baptism.

This was just a cute face my nephew was making while sleeping so I had to post it.

My bro with my son. Jake loves his uncle and I have to say that Dave is the BEST uncle around!
Getting ready to say goodbye to the family. We had such a great time! Thanks for letting us invade your home for a week.

Saying goodbye to my favorite girls. Notice the snow outside? Yes, it dumped on Idaho the day before and then again while we were driving home. Good times.

Although I hate being cold I love looking at the beauty of snow. Freshly fallen. As long as I don't have to drive in it (which I do have to) and don't have to go out in it (which I do have to) or feel the effects of the cold (yes, I do feel the cold) then I just think it is gorgeous. So looking at this picture is great. I took this one while driving, too.

Stopping for dinner on the way home. We thought we'd treat the kids to Fuddruckers, a place they have never been to where you get to build your own burger kind-of joint. I haven't been to a Fuddruckers since I was baptized at 8 years old and I remember it being cool. So I thought this was going to be fun. Not so much. I would have rather paid 1/10 of what we did and stopped at a McD's.

The hats were cute, though.

And check out those smiles.
The End

Theme song for today- Home, by Daughtry