Sunday, March 8, 2009

To count or not to count...

To count or not to count, that is the question. I am now able to add another state to my list that I have visited. I need to know how to appropriately count it.

California- I grew up here, most of my family still lives in SoCal and I visit about once a year. So, yes, I've been to Cali.

Utah- I now live in Utah, but as a kid my grandparents lived in Utah and I visited with family as often as possible.

Nevada- You have to travel through Nevada on the way to Utah when driving the I-15. Been to Vegas, but never gambled. Not even once! There is a very important reason for this, which if you are interested, let me know and I will tell you. If not, then I won't waste my time typing that story out!

Arizona- When driving the I-15 there is a small corner of Arizona that the Interstate crosses through. Although this is the extent of my Arizona wanderings it still counts because I was IN Arizona.

Idaho- I went to college there, served and LDS mission there and have visited family and friends there. This also happens to be where I have spent the last week. It was a beautiful trip and I think that I have to admit to loving northern Idaho much better than Southeastern Idaho, where I went to school and served my mission. There are so many trees and lakes and I had a great time taking pictures.

Georgia- For my first wedding anniversary my hubby and I went to Georgia to visit his family, some of which I met for the first time. It was actually a great trip, but I did learn that humidity and my hair don't mix!

Florida- During that same trip we drove down to northern Florida to visit my younger sister who was living there at the time. That was a lot of fun and I discovered that the ocean can be warm. California ocean is FREAKIN' COLD! Never liked the ocean growing up because I am not a person who enjoys being cold. I also don't like being too hot. This is the reason I am voting for our move to Hawaii. Hey, it's a pipe-dream, but I have every right to dream!

Montana- I have actually been to Montana a number of times, some to actually visit, and this is NOT a place I would recommend...unless you love to freeze your toes and your nose and the bits and pieces of your body! I know it can be beautiful seeing the wildlife and the open land, but seriously people! The FREAKIN' COLD! That's all I should have to say. (are you sensing that I don't like the cold? Why do I live in UTAH????)

Washington- This is the new addition. During my vaca I traveled into Washington. Okay, so Spokane is only about 25 inside the border, but I crossed the state line, saw the sign and so it counts. Nevermind that I was in Washington for only about an hour (in and out- that quick). I was there, it counts.

So, here is the one I question. On my trip to Georgia we had a QUICK layover in Texas. I never left the airport, didn't even have to change planes, but we touched down in Texas, so does it count???? Let me know.

I know this isn't a very extensive list, which is probably why I count even the cheesiest of visits. So work with me people. Does it count? I vote yes. My shoes were touching the plane which was touching the ground in Texas. I looked out the window of the plane, so I can say I saw the sights. Cast your vote.

Whilest you are thinking about your vote, enjoy this post's theme song. I couldn't get it on my playlist, so here is the video. It's educational, too!