Wednesday, March 11, 2009


While I was gone we had a major home invasion. No, nothing was taken, unless you want to say my peace of mind. That was definitely taken. What wasn't taken was my ability to smell, which would have made the experience not quite as bad.

Here's the lowdown. We were invaded by the Stinky Bug. Not just the little black-crawling-15-leg stinky bug. I am talking about the 153-legged, blue/purple/orange-with-green-fumes-rising-up-from-it Stinky Bug. I killed almost all of them before I could get to the computer to type this out so I do not have a picture. But here is my drawing of the stinky bug...

You think I jest in this, but I do not! This is a real creature that moves in and invades homes when people are on vacation. They feast off of dirty dishes left in the sink, infest toilets that were not properly washed before the family left and nest in clothes that were left in hampers. I tried my hardest to prepare my house for the trip, but it was to no avail. We were still invaded.

The major area of invasion was my refrigerator. The hubby was at home for 5 days without us, so I left food and milk for him, thinking that it would be used/needed. Again, this thought was of no use, for it was not needed/used. I came home to a stinky house caused mostly by a stinky fridge and stinky sink. I was too embarrassed to post pictures of my stinky sink (that should really tell you something about my sink when I have had no problem in showing the rest of my disaster areas). But the pictures of my fridge will lead me to my newest contest. I know you are all so excited about my contest. So, without further ado- (did I spell that right?) here is the second installment of the Nastola Contest.

The winner of this contest will win this-

No, not just the picture. You (the winner) will receive a double pack of baking soda to deodorize your fridge/freezer. I know you are thinking this is the most fabulous prize.

Here is what you have to compete with...

Not too bad, I know. Really, who doesn't have spilled punch in the fridge. But who has had it there for over 4 months??? HMMMMM?

Yes, more spilled punch, because one area is just not enough. I am positive that this wasn't done just once. This was a plethora of spills.

Yes, that is almost a whole jar of chocolate syrup. Perfectly good chocolate syrup gone to waste because someone (don't worry Dalen, I won't mention your name) didn't cap the bottle all the way and thought that laying it on its side would be a great idea. This wouldn't be so bad either, but it has also been there for over 2 months now.

And lastly, the piece de resistance....

What do you think? Crowded? Total lack of organization? At least the milk is next to each other, but they are not in the door like they are supposed to be because there is junk in the door. Well, not literally junk, but a whole lot of stuff that is just hanging around, waiting, never being used.

Think you can top this? Let me know. As in my last contest, to enter you must post pictures of your nastola/stinky fridge. You must list the crap hanging out in the fridge. Here is my list...

uncooked chicken that needed to be bagged and frozen

uncooked hamburger meat waiting to be cooked up and frozen

(these were the 2 major culprits of the Stinky Bug)

1 bag of rotting salad

2 rotten cucumbers

uncooked sausage roll

leftover container of roast (another major stink contributor)

leftover italian chicken with sauce (another major stinker)

spilled chocolate syrup (as mentioned before)

egg shells (because the hubby puts the shells back in the carton instead of throwing them away)

your basic variety of fridge items that didn't really cause the stink so I won't mention them all.

Now, aside from posting and listing you need to:

1) Comment in my comment box (this counts for 1 entry)

2) Become a follower on my blog (this will give you another entry)

3) Linky-love me (this will give you yet another entry)

I will follow Kristina's lead and let pick the winner. This way no one will say that it is rigged (even though we all know that it totally is going to be).

Theme song- Stinky, I Love You by Parry Gripp.