Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Letter to all Utah Drivers

Lately I have been reading other blogs (big surprise, I know) and people have been writing letters to other people who need some serious knocking-upside-the-head. So I figured it is my turn.

Dear Utah Driver who totally cut me off when I had the green light,

I know that here in Utah you are allowed to have an open-pamphlet written test so you never really have to learn the real, safe driving laws. But where I come from (SoCal) we actually had to memorize the laws/rules of the road. So I am going to impart some of my memorized wisdom to you so that in the future I won't feel the need to give you some fowl gestures (yes, pun was intended- you know, the bird! Heehee!). Not that I have ever given anyone said gesture, but who knows. The next time I encounter your inconsiderate/unsafe driving I might now be able to control my hands.

Here is today's driving lesson!

41-6a-304. Obeying devices
(1) Except as otherwise directed by a peace officer or other authorized personnel under Section 41-6a-209 and except as provided under Section 41-6a-212 for authorized emergency vehicles, the operator of a vehicle shall obey the instructions of any traffic-control device placed or held in accordance with this chapter.

You ask for plain English. I will comply! You are to OBEY all traffic signals. Example. Yesterday when I had waited patiently at my red light to turn left I did not just go ahead and turn because I felt I was more important than all other drivers on the road. When my light did turn green I proceeded with caution. Now, since I had the GREEN light I know for sure that you had the RED light. Yes, I understand that you came to a full stop, but YOU DID NOT have the right to turn in front of my just because you think you are more important than me. I did not see a woman in labor sitting in your car. You weren't headed to the hospital for an emergency (I saw you turn into a quick mart immediately after). You didn't have any sirens wailing, no lights flashing to signal that you were of the police-type-person. No, you just pulled in front of me because you, like many other drivers never had to learn the rules of the road.

So, for future reference- DO NOT turn right when you see other cars using their right-of-way. Stop, wait your turn, then go. Not when you think it is your turn, but really, when it truly is your turn. Then maybe people will stop complaining about stupid Utah drivers.

Seriously Ticked-off California Driver!

PS Yes, you can get pulled over for a failure to yield, but since most Utah cops fall under the Utah drivers category I am not sure how often this happens.

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.

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