Saturday, March 14, 2009

You know you're a blogger if...

You know you are a blogger if

  1. you dream about blogging. (which happened last night and inspired this list)
  2. you are going about your day thinking of all of the things you want to blog about.
  3. you have ever said the phrase, "I am so blogging that."
  4. you take pictures just so you can blog them.
  5. you wake up in the morning and check your blog to see if there are any new comments.
  6. you check your blog before you shower.
  7. your house goes to pot because blogging is more important than cleaning. (see this post am this one)
  8. your kids tell you ideas for posting.
  9. you ask your hubby if he liked today's posting before you kiss him. (sad, but true)
  10. you try to convince everyone that blogging is the best invention ever.
  11. you have ever uttered the phrase, "do you blog?"
  12. you keep up with your NEIGHBORS by reading their blog.
If you have anymore suggestions leave them in my comment box. These are only the ones my tired brain could come up with because, yes, I did just wake up.

And, to finish off this post I am finally going to post the pictures from my vaca. Enjoy!

Helping with the packing.

On the road, so fell asleep like this. Hey, I took this picture while driving. Pointed the camera over my shoulder and clicked the picture. Turned out pretty centered.

Yes, I was driving while I took this picture, too.

This one, too!

My first picture of my beautiful sister and my beautiful niece.

Helping my BIL clean the attic at his restaurant- all of this was in there. Malia looking on at all the goods she can play with. What to attack first? HMM?

My oldest cheeseball! Having fun helping with the cleaning.

All of this was in the attic. Yes, we were sneezing and we all had dirty boogers for the rest of the day. TMI, I know, but I had to say it.

This is my favorite picture. She was showing me her dirty hands from cleaning the attic and somehow I snapped it as her eyes were crossed. HILARIOUS!

Having dinner when the restaurant was closed. The kids all had a great time. This was their treat for helping with the cleanup.

Me and my sis... we helped with the cleanup, too. I'll blame that and traveling on my sloppy garb, k?

Gimme the drink! She LOVES the drink.

So, I just woke up and had to get my baby fill so my sis snapped this picture of me and Rachel.

Can you tell I was loving being around my sister and her daughter? Couldn't get enough pictures of them!

And now, for the fashion show...

Just a little tuckered out from all of the water play.

The littler kids were worn out before the mommies and the older kids were. Luckily my BIL was willing to sit with them while we played on the slides and in the wave pool.

Nasty picture of my and my whiteness, but I am with my girls having a great time. BTW- this was an indoor water park in Idaho. It was still too cold to be going outside in a bathing suit.

I know you are totally jealous of my whiteness. I had to show you all that my legs have not seen the light of day in so many years. Don't look too closely, I hadn't shaved in 2 days. Oops!

Another picture of 2 of my favorite girls!

Check out the suit and bowtie. Isn't it the best. This is my little nephew that I could just squeeze the poop out of. He is a total doll!

This was the birthday/baptism boy. Holding his candle as we sang "Happy Birthday" since we couldn't light it in the church that we were using for the party and baptism.

This was just a cute face my nephew was making while sleeping so I had to post it.

My bro with my son. Jake loves his uncle and I have to say that Dave is the BEST uncle around!
Getting ready to say goodbye to the family. We had such a great time! Thanks for letting us invade your home for a week.

Saying goodbye to my favorite girls. Notice the snow outside? Yes, it dumped on Idaho the day before and then again while we were driving home. Good times.

Although I hate being cold I love looking at the beauty of snow. Freshly fallen. As long as I don't have to drive in it (which I do have to) and don't have to go out in it (which I do have to) or feel the effects of the cold (yes, I do feel the cold) then I just think it is gorgeous. So looking at this picture is great. I took this one while driving, too.

Stopping for dinner on the way home. We thought we'd treat the kids to Fuddruckers, a place they have never been to where you get to build your own burger kind-of joint. I haven't been to a Fuddruckers since I was baptized at 8 years old and I remember it being cool. So I thought this was going to be fun. Not so much. I would have rather paid 1/10 of what we did and stopped at a McD's.

The hats were cute, though.

And check out those smiles.
The End

Theme song for today- Home, by Daughtry