Friday, February 8, 2008

Parent Teacher Conference

Last night Kylie went with her Dad to Parent Teacher Conference. Kylie's teacher said she is right on track with her reading. They have asked if it is okay to have her get a little extra help with her reading to make sure she finishes first grade ahead of the game. She is excited about that. She likes to have the one on one attention. She also is doing well with her math. We are supposed to be doing timed problems with her to help her get faster at her math. Also, her teacher thinks she is cooperative and attentive. It was so good to hear positive things about her, not that I doubted it. She is a really good girl!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our New Adventure

Our most recent family adventure started on Saturday when our toilet upstairs stopped working. We couldn't figure it out, just kept plunging it hoping that it would work. When that didn't work, I called a plumber on Monday to fix it. Long story short, he snaked it, it didn't work, he took the toilet off and tried from both angles to snake it out, but nothing worked. More than $100 later I was told that we need to just replace the toilet. The plumber scoped the toilet and found that someone, later to be named Jacob, shoved a Barbie down the toilet. It was bent in half around one of the turns and there was no way to get it out and leave the toilet in one piece. I wasn't a happy mommy when I was writing out that check. Jacob is still alive, but he had to spend a lot of time downstairs away from me so I could calm down. Needless to say, Dalen and I now know how to install a toilet and we have had a LONG talk with our kids, particularly Jacob, on what belongs in the toilet and what does NOT! Hope you enjoyed this story! The first picture is how our bathroom looked after the plumber left, the toilet on its back laying on the floor. The second picture is of the hole in the ground that I had to look at the rest of the day until Dalen was able to come home and find a toilet on for $50 and we put it in. NOT a fun day for mommy.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Cute videos of my family...

This first picture is of our friend, Tom Mormon with Malia. He and his wife are moving to Salt Lake (I know it isn't far, but it's been really nice to have them close- just down the street). He came over to get more boxes and to say goodbye. The kids really like him. We have known him since he moved here, shortly after we moved into our house.

The second one is of Malia at dinner. She is such a smiley baby. She reminds me a lot of Jacob, not only in her looks, but also with how happy she is.

Okay, so my kids are my life, isn't that what happens when you are a Mom? I took a really cute video of the Malia playing after dinner with her Daddy and Jacob. At the end of the video- my favorite part, I just couldn't help but laugh. We call Jacob our "Motor-Pooter" because he likes to toot all of the time, and he is good at it. You would think he was older by the sound of most of his toots. The rest of the entries are just so you can share in my joy.

The second video is of Malia, of course. She loves to laugh. It is her laugh that brings me joy everyday, just like her sisters and brother. Check it out and see if you can keep from laughing!!!???

Tag You're It

Tag You're It!

A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player answers the questions about themselves
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names and then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and that they should read your blog.

10 years ago... Now this makes me feel REALLY OLD! I was still on my mission, but out of high school, graduated from Ricks and was more than half done with my mission. This would have been about the time of year that I was tracting in the snow, up to my knees, in a dress. I believe I was serving in the Ammon West Stake in Idaho Falls.

5 Things on my to do list today... Since the day is almost over and it is Sunday tomorrow- my list is going to be for tomorrow... Go to Stake Conference, shower (actually, I will probably do that first), eat some food, take a nap, go to work (I don't like this one).

Snacks that I enjoy... my problem is that I like snacks way too much! I like just about anything chocolate, beef jerkey (when I am at work), chips, crackers, etc.

What I would do if I were suddenly a billionaire... Not a safe question for me. I would love to be out of debt so I think about this a lot. I would love to get a different house, that wasn't falling apart, help my parents get out of debt and buy them a house closer to me, help Dalen's mom, save for missions, college, buy different clothes for myself (ones that I haven't had for more than 10 years- sad, but true, that I still wear clothes from my mission and before).

3 of my bad habits... 1) I still bite my fingernails (although I try really hard not to) 2) I let my laundry pile high when I don't want to do it. 3) I yell at my kids too much (I hate this one!)

5 places I have lived...1) Simi Valley, CA 2) Rexburg, ID 3) American Fork, UT 4) Provo, UT 5) Pocatello, ID

5 jobs that I have had... 1) Movie Theater 2) Math Tutor 3) Candy decorator 4) Custodian 5) Grocery Stocker (not to be confused with a stalker).

5 things people don't know about me... 1) I listen to LOUD music in the car when my kids aren't with me 2) I secretly have a crush on Edward Cullen (not much of a secret for those who have read the Twilight series) 3) I was engaged to a few other people before I married Dalen 4) I still own clothes from before my mission (but not much of a secret now, if you have read the above answers) 5) I would love to have more kids if I could.

Tag, You're It... Shanna, Laina, Amy, Raechal

God Be With You Till We Meet Again

We just finished watching the funeral for President Hinckley. We also watched the life sketch they did of him on KBYU. How touching to relive those moments when he introduced the Proclamation to the World on the Family, the time he spoke of increasing the number of temples and the introduction of the Perpetual Education Fund. I also have fond memories of seeing him speak at Ricks (back when it was Ricks) at Firesides. He was a wonderful man, prophet, and leader. I will truly miss his voice and his humor. He is the prophet that I most remember in my lifetime. I am so glad, though, that he is back with his sweetheart. Dalen and I were talking, after it concluded, that we only hope that we feel the same about each other that President and Sister Hinckley felt about each other. That we are as good to each other as they were. I know it is a lofty goal, but I hope that we have a number of years ahead of us to share with each other! Hope you all had an opportunity to watch and reminisce and feel of his love. Like he said, "Lets all try to work a little harder to be a little better." It was always do a little more than what we are doing. I think that is going to be my new New Years Resolution (changed a little into the year, but I think appropriate). Love you all!