Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our New Adventure

Our most recent family adventure started on Saturday when our toilet upstairs stopped working. We couldn't figure it out, just kept plunging it hoping that it would work. When that didn't work, I called a plumber on Monday to fix it. Long story short, he snaked it, it didn't work, he took the toilet off and tried from both angles to snake it out, but nothing worked. More than $100 later I was told that we need to just replace the toilet. The plumber scoped the toilet and found that someone, later to be named Jacob, shoved a Barbie down the toilet. It was bent in half around one of the turns and there was no way to get it out and leave the toilet in one piece. I wasn't a happy mommy when I was writing out that check. Jacob is still alive, but he had to spend a lot of time downstairs away from me so I could calm down. Needless to say, Dalen and I now know how to install a toilet and we have had a LONG talk with our kids, particularly Jacob, on what belongs in the toilet and what does NOT! Hope you enjoyed this story! The first picture is how our bathroom looked after the plumber left, the toilet on its back laying on the floor. The second picture is of the hole in the ground that I had to look at the rest of the day until Dalen was able to come home and find a toilet on for $50 and we put it in. NOT a fun day for mommy.