Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Cute videos of my family...

This first picture is of our friend, Tom Mormon with Malia. He and his wife are moving to Salt Lake (I know it isn't far, but it's been really nice to have them close- just down the street). He came over to get more boxes and to say goodbye. The kids really like him. We have known him since he moved here, shortly after we moved into our house.

The second one is of Malia at dinner. She is such a smiley baby. She reminds me a lot of Jacob, not only in her looks, but also with how happy she is.

Okay, so my kids are my life, isn't that what happens when you are a Mom? I took a really cute video of the Malia playing after dinner with her Daddy and Jacob. At the end of the video- my favorite part, I just couldn't help but laugh. We call Jacob our "Motor-Pooter" because he likes to toot all of the time, and he is good at it. You would think he was older by the sound of most of his toots. The rest of the entries are just so you can share in my joy.

The second video is of Malia, of course. She loves to laugh. It is her laugh that brings me joy everyday, just like her sisters and brother. Check it out and see if you can keep from laughing!!!???