Friday, July 25, 2008

About my Bits!

Britin got tagged by her cousin so here we go: (and just to let you know- I had to do a little guiding because her answers weren't really making sense at first. She was just so excited to answer questions about herself that she didn't really listen to the questions.)

Favorite Activities: Picking Up (not true), playing with toys, watching tv, playing in the water, having fun with friends, playing with Kylie and Malia.
Favorite Movie/TV Show: Ballet, Cinderella, Johnny Test (don't have a clue what this is about, I guess I should check it out... I do know it is a cartoon, though), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Favorite Places to Go: To the church to ride my scooter (the church by our house- not on Sundays in church), store, the Dentist (for her I can actually believe this because she likes the treats and movies), to her friends' houses.
Favorite Vacations: This was a hard one since we really don't "vacation" but she said going to Grandma and Papa's house and camping (which she has only done once).
Favorite Things to Eat: Apples, candy, pizza, gum
What She Wants to be When She Grows Up: She wants to watch Cinderella and play with her friends. (Kylie then came over to help her out and she answered "be a mommy").
Favorite Preschool Activities: Snacktime, art (coloring), playtime, singing.
Britin wants to tag: Maddie, Bethany, Morgan, Austin and Allee.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm Back

Okay, if you have waiting on pins and needles for me to update my blog, wait no longer. Make sure that you have plenty of time to read this entire post- it is going to be a LONG one!

So, on July 11th I left Utah to attend a close friend's wedding in Tahoe. I was able to spend 43 hours with 2 of the most amazing friends. I had a great time- especially considering it was the first time I had ever left Britin or Malia and only the second time I have ever left Jacob and Kylie. Shannon, Sherry and I had fun on the drive playing name that tune on our ipods, reminiscing about high school and just being friends. It was like it always was. I don't know why they put up with me, but I am so glad that we are still friends. After recently reading an old entry in my journal I realized how loony I was back then and am hoping that I have made some sort of improvement over the past -- years since high school. THANK YOU Shannon and Sherry for being my friends. You are more than I deserve and I am forever thankful that you (along with Amy) helped me make it through school with some semblance of sanity. I love you for all you did for me and for all you have meant in my life. I don't really know what else to say, but just know that I mean this with all my heart. I am grateful I can still call you my friends. I hope you never think my silence means I don't care. I forget sometimes to speak what I am feeling, so here you go- thank you for just being you, for accepting me for me and helping me to be better. I loved the talks we had on our trip. You two are the greatest examples to me. THANKS again!!!

Okay, so getting back to the trip, we had a great time staying up late, folding $$$ for Amy's present, which is an hilarious story all by itself, dipping our feet into the lake and being just about the only sober ones at the reception. We did get to meet some of Amy's friends that have been close with her since high school, and I am sure glad that she has such wonderful people surrounding her. The drive home was an interesting one, but we made it alive. I had to get back for work, which I know was the only reason the trip was so short. My wonderful friends put up with my work requirements and still went along with me, or rather, still let me tag along.

Then, last week we had too much fun with various activities. We had our weekly outing to the movie theater. The kids loved it. They were all actually really good for me. After the movie we came home and got ready for a tea party for the kids and their friends. Lots of pictures to enjoy! Good friends, good food, and good fun. As you can see, there was also water involved, which wasn't planned.

Later Tuesday, Dalen worked on the tree house for the kids. He finished putting in the floor so the kids were able to join him up in the tree for the first time. Jacob cried and was really scared, but Dalen wanted him to face his fears so I took him up the ladder and he just sat there crying for a little bit until Dalen convinced him he was the big helper, and then he was happy.

As you can tell, Bits was in heaven with her Daddy up in the tree!

Kylie was loving life (Jacob is peeking his head in this one, just when he started to be happy about the whole tree house idea).

Jacob, clutching to his Daddy, scared at first. I am so blessed to have such a great dad for my kids!

Now for a most fabulous video of my daughter singing the song that never ends. She is hilarious! I love that she sings in a falsetto voice. Check it out!

On Thursday we joined some friends on a jaunt to the carnival. So much fun. The kids were a little sad, but my poor self couldn't spend a ton on tickets, so the kids were only able to go on 2 rides each on my dime. Check out these cool shots of the kids.

Ride #1- The carousel...

Britin's Ride #2- The Ducks...Ummmm- aren't you supposed to be sitting down??? Termine ser sentados, por favor.

Kylie and Jacob's Ride #2- The Caterpillar Roller coaster...

Thanks to Sister Lefler - the Kylie and Jacob were able to enjoy an extra ride on the Monster Slide. Climbing the stairs with all of their friends.

Kylie with Austin- finishing the slide ride. Man, they were brave. The stairs looked too scary for me to climb. I hate heights! Kylie was actually sad that her dad wasn't with us so she couldn't go on the ferris wheel.

Lastly- Friday was another WONDERFUL girls' time with my friends, Laina and Shanna. We were able to enjoy a free stay in Park City- no kids and no cooking, I believe those were the rules- right ladies???

We ate out at a very fun restaurant for lunch- which we had to take a gondola ride up the mountain to get to. The food was phenomenal. We strolled main street in- which I have never done before. It was great. We enjoyed a lot of galleries- holy cow there are so many. I think I liked the one in Tahoe the best, though. We got homemade ice cream at a cute little shop and strolled through a most excellent bookstore. Life of leisure! I almost didn't know what to do with myself. Later we were each pampered with a manicure/pedicure at a local salon. We even got the paraffin wax treatment- quite nice. Check out the toes- don't they look fabulous?

Okay, so this picture makes me giggle. There were 2 rooms, no airconditioner and only 1 fan. So we opened the window and all jumped into the king bed so we could be cool during sleep. Funny thing was that by the middle of the night we were freezing, but no one got up to turn the fan off or shut the window. We stayed up late telling embarrassing stories- sad to say I think I won that contest, yet again- but fully enjoyed their stories. Just remember- "It happens all the time!"
One last picture in the condo before heading off to the outlet mall for a great morning of shopping and bonding. Thanks for the help with picking clothes out for the kids school clothes. They are going to look very stylish thanks to both of you!~
(Umm, and by the way- no I am NOT pregnant, though I do look it)
Well, that about sums up my last 10 days. Sorry to be so slow. Hope you all enjoyed this oh so long blog. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Okay, so Melinda tagged me with this great tag for the blog. I have seen a number of other blogs, and everyone's house is so clean. I was thinking about cheating and doing a little clean up before I took the pictures because I am embarrassed at the state of just about every room in my house right now. Then I realized that those people who check out my blog would realize that I cheated and call me on it. So, here is my house, in all its glory, mess and all.

The Rules:
What you see is the real thing!

#1-The Refrigerator:
Not much exciting, just the usual. I am sure that this is messy compared to other people's refrigerators, but this is pretty organized for mine.

#2-the Kitchen Sink:
Okay, not going to apologize for this one. I zoomed into the actual sink so you wouldn't see my counters. That is a whole other ballgame. Since I have a dishwasher I refuse to wash dishes by hand that can go in the dishwasher. Some call it lazy... that's what I call it too!

#3-the Toilet:
I am grateful the seat was down when I walked into the bathroom. Don't look too closely. The floor is a mess around it. I will apologize for this one.

#4-My bed:
This isn't usually what it looks like, but today I jumped out of bed to get ready for Humanitarian- which was cancelled. I haven't had a chance to get back into my bedroom to make the bed, so here is what you get today. I will be making it before Dalen gets home, but remember- no cheating. I didn't cheat. This is how it looks right now.

#5-Self Portrait:
Okay, I just learned how to use the self timer. Thanks to this tag I have learned a new feature. I do have to admit that this is my second picture. The first one, I didn't aim very well and it was a full-on chest shot. I guess I am a little taller than I thought. If any of you have suggestions on a how to take better timer pictures let me know.

#6-My favorite shoes:
People say women love shoes. This is true for most. I, on the other hand, am not like most women. My favorite shoes are these:

From left to right- my $2.50 Old Navy blue flip flops that I wear just about every day. Next we have my "Nice" sandals. I wear these for church and occasions when I want to look a little nicer. And lastly, my green Old Navy $2.50 flip flops. Sorry they are dirty, but these are my gardening shoes. They are supposed to be dirty, or that would be a tell tale sign that I hadn't been working in the garden. Really, I do like shoes, but I don't like spending that much dinero on something that I step on (or rather, in). If I had a little more $$$ flowing around my house I might splurge on pair of shoes, but I think the most I have ever spent on shoes was no more than $35.00 (and that was torture).

#7-What my kids are doing right now:
Kylie: (do I need to explain?)

Jacob: (yes, he is laying on the ground watching tv- it's hot and they just got home from playing outside for a while)

Britin: (She is relaxing in the chair, thumb in mouth, of course, watching cartoons with Jacob.)

Malia: (This is the closest you are going to get to her today. She is finally napping and after the long 6 days we have had with her, I need her to stay that way for at least a couple more hours. By the way- for those who don't know already- she has hand, foot and mouth disease. The doctor said she could have gotten it from anywhere, which is true. Dalen, Kylie and Jacob got it when I was pregnant with Britin- it was torture. Apparently it is really going around right now. Just be careful, because it is a pain in the mouth! Literally. She won't eat, her mouth is swollen and she is just miserable. Luckily we are on the tail end of this, but I pray no one else gets it. Just so you know- you can't get the same strain of it more than once. It is a cousin to chicken pox, at least that is what I have been told.)

#8-My closet:
I don't think this one needs any explanation either. We have a TINY closest that really is a catch- all area in our room. For the most part our clothes are hanging up in the laundry room downstairs.

#9-My favorite room in the house: My Front Room
This is a mess, I know. I am in the middle of folding laundry (when am I not doing that???) and I still have a few more things to put away from the weekend camping adventure. I am not sure why, other than because I am the mom, that I am the one cleaning up everything from the camping trip that I didn't even get to enjoy. When the car was unloaded, it was unloaded into my front room. The reason this is my favorite room is because it took A LOT a $$$ and time to get it to look even this good. The floor is even, the carpet is wonderful and I have new windows in this room. I also love to play the piano even though my whole repertoire of music consists of simplified hymns and Mary Had a Little Lamb.

#10-Someplace I'd like to go on vacation:
A) Hawaii- which is hopefully going to be our 10th anniversary trip next year.

B) Ireland- check out this website to see great pictures!

C) Great Britain- just for fun.

So folks, that's it. I have to end with tagging other people, but before I do that I have to tell you that Jacob has been sitting here for just a couple minutes as I have been adding a few final pictures and he saw the one with our front room. He said, "Hey that's our front room. Can you take another picture with it clean?" At least he is honest, and said, I'm sure, what everyone else was thinking, including me. Thanks for letting me share this with all of you. Me and my crazy life!

Now, I tag:
Sherry, Angie, Amy and Chandra!!! Have at it ladies! Your's can't be worse than mine!

Monday, July 7, 2008

A-Camping They Did Go!

So, Dalen took the kids camping overnight with his mom, 2 sisters, 1 brother, and all of the kids. All of our kids were really excited about the trip, except for Malia- who had been teething for 4 days now and slobbering like a fountain. Not that fountains slobber... Anyway, we got them all packed up and off in Dalen's car while I set out, headed for work. I actually was excited, looking forward to a night of sleep, no interruptions. So, when I got home I laid in bed, read for a while, then decided to take a stab at sleeping. This was no easy feat. I I didn't do so well. I think I woke up about every hour. I am a really pathetic creature. I didn't know what to do with myself, not having my kids and husband around. At least when they are home I have a reason (or rather 4 reasons) for waking up in the middle of the night. This time it was just annoying because I could have slept well, but I didn't.

Early Sunday I gave up and sat up in bed to read. I was able to get in over an hour of leisure reading before getting up and getting ready for church. Sorry to the young men who came by to collect fast offerings that morning. I guess I was just too engrossed in the goings on of Mr. Darcy that I didn't hear you knock. I did enjoy just getting myself ready and not the whole family, but it was lonely sitting in church. I sat by my cousins, but I missed my family. I even did the unthinkable and left after Sunday School, hoping to find them at home, unloading the car. No such luck. I changed out of my church clothes, and got ready for work. While I was doing a little bit of clean up I heard the best noise ever! I heard my Kylie knocking on the door. I ran to open it up an scooped the kids in my arms. I guess it is moments like these that make us Mothers so grateful for our children. No matter how difficult it is to be a mom, no matter how much sleep we lose, no matter how many tears we cry, we wouldn't change it!!!

The kids all had to tell me about the fun things they did with Grandma Reyes and their cousins. Britin kept holding her hands out to me, asking for bandaids. Come to find out she had been on a walk with all of the kids and Grandma when she saw a flower she really wanted. Unfortunately the flower was part of a cactus and she was pricked quite a few times all over both hands. No need to worry, though, she has made a full recovery. I had sent the camera with Dalen, hoping he would be able to capture precious moments of the kids. All he came back with were 4 pictures of the kids playing on the tire swing, so here they are. Enjoy! It sure looks like they did!

Family, Friends and Lots of FUN!

Happy Late 4th of July to everyone! This year was a great one. We had a very productive morning, working in the garden. We have let it get overgrown with weeds (that's putting it gently). So, we gloved up and got to work. I actually worked so hard in the HEAT that I dripped sweat. This is a very rare occasion and not one I really enjoy. I have to say, when shower time came I was very eager to shed the sticky, smelly clothes. I was so grateful for a cool shower. I am usually the one that likes to fog up the mirrors with the excessive steam from the shower, but this time I was lavishing in the cool stream of water that washes away my rankness!

After working in the garden Sherry came over and took some family pictures. She was patient with us as we had 4 kids to try to control. Miracle of all Miracles happened, though. The night before I was talking to Dalen about it and making sure he was fully aware of what the day was going to entail. He flat-out told me that he was going to be helpful this time and not be so grumpy. I think he had a good chuckle at my look of astonishment. YES, to answer all of those inquiring minds, he was very helpful. He helped the kids pose, didn't complain at all and even gave suggestions. All in all, the whole affair was quite fun. Sherry- thank you for taking some of your 4th of July to capture my family on film. You are awesome! Here is my favorite family pose. There are some lighting issues we are hoping can be fixed with photoshop, but I absolutely love this one of all the family.

A little later our friends, the Combs' came over for a very fun BBQ. The kids had a lot of fun having Abigail to play with. Jacob pushed her around in the little jeep, such the gentleman. Malia loved having her little friend to play with (Abigail is 3 days older than Malia). After eating the guys had fun with some ??legal fireworks. The kids loved it, except Britin when her hand got a little too close to the lighter and got a small burn.

After a short trip for the Combs to the hospital to see their new nieces we all headed to Lehi to check out the Thanksgiving Point fireworks. Justin and Shanna found a sweet spot on a closed sideroad where we had a perfect view of the fireworks. It really was such a great day spent with friends and family, having FUN!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A way easy tag!

At least this one is easy and not very lengthy.

The rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book (at least 123 pages).
2. Turn to page 123.
3. Find the 5th sentence.
4. Post the 5th sentence on your blog.
5. Tag 5 people.

"Manning's withering tone caused Darcy to wince while the others became fascinated with their silver service or wineglasses."

from "Duty and Desire; a novel of Fitzwilliam Darcy, gentleman" by Pamela Aiden

I am reading this by chance. While checking out books my friends were reading on I came across this series. It is Pride and Prejudice from Darcy's POV. It was pretty hard to get into at first, but I am liking it so far. The first book- An Assembly Such As This- was really good.

I am now tagging my friends who have not done this yet. If you check out my blog, chances are I am checking out yours, too, and would love for you to do this.