Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Okay, so Melinda tagged me with this great tag for the blog. I have seen a number of other blogs, and everyone's house is so clean. I was thinking about cheating and doing a little clean up before I took the pictures because I am embarrassed at the state of just about every room in my house right now. Then I realized that those people who check out my blog would realize that I cheated and call me on it. So, here is my house, in all its glory, mess and all.

The Rules:
What you see is the real thing!

#1-The Refrigerator:
Not much exciting, just the usual. I am sure that this is messy compared to other people's refrigerators, but this is pretty organized for mine.

#2-the Kitchen Sink:
Okay, not going to apologize for this one. I zoomed into the actual sink so you wouldn't see my counters. That is a whole other ballgame. Since I have a dishwasher I refuse to wash dishes by hand that can go in the dishwasher. Some call it lazy... that's what I call it too!

#3-the Toilet:
I am grateful the seat was down when I walked into the bathroom. Don't look too closely. The floor is a mess around it. I will apologize for this one.

#4-My bed:
This isn't usually what it looks like, but today I jumped out of bed to get ready for Humanitarian- which was cancelled. I haven't had a chance to get back into my bedroom to make the bed, so here is what you get today. I will be making it before Dalen gets home, but remember- no cheating. I didn't cheat. This is how it looks right now.

#5-Self Portrait:
Okay, I just learned how to use the self timer. Thanks to this tag I have learned a new feature. I do have to admit that this is my second picture. The first one, I didn't aim very well and it was a full-on chest shot. I guess I am a little taller than I thought. If any of you have suggestions on a how to take better timer pictures let me know.

#6-My favorite shoes:
People say women love shoes. This is true for most. I, on the other hand, am not like most women. My favorite shoes are these:

From left to right- my $2.50 Old Navy blue flip flops that I wear just about every day. Next we have my "Nice" sandals. I wear these for church and occasions when I want to look a little nicer. And lastly, my green Old Navy $2.50 flip flops. Sorry they are dirty, but these are my gardening shoes. They are supposed to be dirty, or that would be a tell tale sign that I hadn't been working in the garden. Really, I do like shoes, but I don't like spending that much dinero on something that I step on (or rather, in). If I had a little more $$$ flowing around my house I might splurge on pair of shoes, but I think the most I have ever spent on shoes was no more than $35.00 (and that was torture).

#7-What my kids are doing right now:
Kylie: (do I need to explain?)

Jacob: (yes, he is laying on the ground watching tv- it's hot and they just got home from playing outside for a while)

Britin: (She is relaxing in the chair, thumb in mouth, of course, watching cartoons with Jacob.)

Malia: (This is the closest you are going to get to her today. She is finally napping and after the long 6 days we have had with her, I need her to stay that way for at least a couple more hours. By the way- for those who don't know already- she has hand, foot and mouth disease. The doctor said she could have gotten it from anywhere, which is true. Dalen, Kylie and Jacob got it when I was pregnant with Britin- it was torture. Apparently it is really going around right now. Just be careful, because it is a pain in the mouth! Literally. She won't eat, her mouth is swollen and she is just miserable. Luckily we are on the tail end of this, but I pray no one else gets it. Just so you know- you can't get the same strain of it more than once. It is a cousin to chicken pox, at least that is what I have been told.)

#8-My closet:
I don't think this one needs any explanation either. We have a TINY closest that really is a catch- all area in our room. For the most part our clothes are hanging up in the laundry room downstairs.

#9-My favorite room in the house: My Front Room
This is a mess, I know. I am in the middle of folding laundry (when am I not doing that???) and I still have a few more things to put away from the weekend camping adventure. I am not sure why, other than because I am the mom, that I am the one cleaning up everything from the camping trip that I didn't even get to enjoy. When the car was unloaded, it was unloaded into my front room. The reason this is my favorite room is because it took A LOT a $$$ and time to get it to look even this good. The floor is even, the carpet is wonderful and I have new windows in this room. I also love to play the piano even though my whole repertoire of music consists of simplified hymns and Mary Had a Little Lamb.

#10-Someplace I'd like to go on vacation:
A) Hawaii- which is hopefully going to be our 10th anniversary trip next year.

B) Ireland- check out this website to see great pictures!

C) Great Britain- just for fun.

So folks, that's it. I have to end with tagging other people, but before I do that I have to tell you that Jacob has been sitting here for just a couple minutes as I have been adding a few final pictures and he saw the one with our front room. He said, "Hey that's our front room. Can you take another picture with it clean?" At least he is honest, and said, I'm sure, what everyone else was thinking, including me. Thanks for letting me share this with all of you. Me and my crazy life!

Now, I tag:
Sherry, Angie, Amy and Chandra!!! Have at it ladies! Your's can't be worse than mine!