Friday, July 25, 2008

About my Bits!

Britin got tagged by her cousin so here we go: (and just to let you know- I had to do a little guiding because her answers weren't really making sense at first. She was just so excited to answer questions about herself that she didn't really listen to the questions.)

Favorite Activities: Picking Up (not true), playing with toys, watching tv, playing in the water, having fun with friends, playing with Kylie and Malia.
Favorite Movie/TV Show: Ballet, Cinderella, Johnny Test (don't have a clue what this is about, I guess I should check it out... I do know it is a cartoon, though), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Favorite Places to Go: To the church to ride my scooter (the church by our house- not on Sundays in church), store, the Dentist (for her I can actually believe this because she likes the treats and movies), to her friends' houses.
Favorite Vacations: This was a hard one since we really don't "vacation" but she said going to Grandma and Papa's house and camping (which she has only done once).
Favorite Things to Eat: Apples, candy, pizza, gum
What She Wants to be When She Grows Up: She wants to watch Cinderella and play with her friends. (Kylie then came over to help her out and she answered "be a mommy").
Favorite Preschool Activities: Snacktime, art (coloring), playtime, singing.
Britin wants to tag: Maddie, Bethany, Morgan, Austin and Allee.