Monday, July 7, 2008

A-Camping They Did Go!

So, Dalen took the kids camping overnight with his mom, 2 sisters, 1 brother, and all of the kids. All of our kids were really excited about the trip, except for Malia- who had been teething for 4 days now and slobbering like a fountain. Not that fountains slobber... Anyway, we got them all packed up and off in Dalen's car while I set out, headed for work. I actually was excited, looking forward to a night of sleep, no interruptions. So, when I got home I laid in bed, read for a while, then decided to take a stab at sleeping. This was no easy feat. I I didn't do so well. I think I woke up about every hour. I am a really pathetic creature. I didn't know what to do with myself, not having my kids and husband around. At least when they are home I have a reason (or rather 4 reasons) for waking up in the middle of the night. This time it was just annoying because I could have slept well, but I didn't.

Early Sunday I gave up and sat up in bed to read. I was able to get in over an hour of leisure reading before getting up and getting ready for church. Sorry to the young men who came by to collect fast offerings that morning. I guess I was just too engrossed in the goings on of Mr. Darcy that I didn't hear you knock. I did enjoy just getting myself ready and not the whole family, but it was lonely sitting in church. I sat by my cousins, but I missed my family. I even did the unthinkable and left after Sunday School, hoping to find them at home, unloading the car. No such luck. I changed out of my church clothes, and got ready for work. While I was doing a little bit of clean up I heard the best noise ever! I heard my Kylie knocking on the door. I ran to open it up an scooped the kids in my arms. I guess it is moments like these that make us Mothers so grateful for our children. No matter how difficult it is to be a mom, no matter how much sleep we lose, no matter how many tears we cry, we wouldn't change it!!!

The kids all had to tell me about the fun things they did with Grandma Reyes and their cousins. Britin kept holding her hands out to me, asking for bandaids. Come to find out she had been on a walk with all of the kids and Grandma when she saw a flower she really wanted. Unfortunately the flower was part of a cactus and she was pricked quite a few times all over both hands. No need to worry, though, she has made a full recovery. I had sent the camera with Dalen, hoping he would be able to capture precious moments of the kids. All he came back with were 4 pictures of the kids playing on the tire swing, so here they are. Enjoy! It sure looks like they did!