Monday, July 7, 2008

Family, Friends and Lots of FUN!

Happy Late 4th of July to everyone! This year was a great one. We had a very productive morning, working in the garden. We have let it get overgrown with weeds (that's putting it gently). So, we gloved up and got to work. I actually worked so hard in the HEAT that I dripped sweat. This is a very rare occasion and not one I really enjoy. I have to say, when shower time came I was very eager to shed the sticky, smelly clothes. I was so grateful for a cool shower. I am usually the one that likes to fog up the mirrors with the excessive steam from the shower, but this time I was lavishing in the cool stream of water that washes away my rankness!

After working in the garden Sherry came over and took some family pictures. She was patient with us as we had 4 kids to try to control. Miracle of all Miracles happened, though. The night before I was talking to Dalen about it and making sure he was fully aware of what the day was going to entail. He flat-out told me that he was going to be helpful this time and not be so grumpy. I think he had a good chuckle at my look of astonishment. YES, to answer all of those inquiring minds, he was very helpful. He helped the kids pose, didn't complain at all and even gave suggestions. All in all, the whole affair was quite fun. Sherry- thank you for taking some of your 4th of July to capture my family on film. You are awesome! Here is my favorite family pose. There are some lighting issues we are hoping can be fixed with photoshop, but I absolutely love this one of all the family.

A little later our friends, the Combs' came over for a very fun BBQ. The kids had a lot of fun having Abigail to play with. Jacob pushed her around in the little jeep, such the gentleman. Malia loved having her little friend to play with (Abigail is 3 days older than Malia). After eating the guys had fun with some ??legal fireworks. The kids loved it, except Britin when her hand got a little too close to the lighter and got a small burn.

After a short trip for the Combs to the hospital to see their new nieces we all headed to Lehi to check out the Thanksgiving Point fireworks. Justin and Shanna found a sweet spot on a closed sideroad where we had a perfect view of the fireworks. It really was such a great day spent with friends and family, having FUN!