Saturday, March 14, 2009

After Hours

Okay, this is probably my last post about my trip, but I had to do it. There were pictures that I didn't add before because they really deserve their own space. So I am sweeping the dust off the mantle and putting these up front and center for all who enter my domain to see. What do we do when it is after hours, all rooms are taken and the kitchen is occupied by a man who requires silence to finish his talk? You find the one unoccuppied space in the house, which happens to be the bathroom.

Yup, we weren't ready to call it quits, knowing it was our last night together, so in true form for our family we had a game night. We tried to get hubby in on the action but to no avail, he would have none of that. Beside, really, where would we have fit him in? Even my bro had to occupy the tub to be comfy. Too bad that it was a little wet. Thankfully it wasn't wet after he sat in it, but now he had a different problem. His pants were wet. Oh well!

We laughed so hard, had a great time. Have you ever played True Colors? Not the newest version, which is sorta like the old one, but not as fun. I'm talking the original, honest to goodness True Colors. This is one great game. I would pay $$$ or maybe just some spare change to get he original. My sis has it so we were able to indulge in some down and dirty playing. And when I say dirty, I mean dirty!

Sorry, I warned you, didn't I? My bro is a little odd, I know. But, I think he is a keeper. If anyone knows a fabulous, single girl between the ages of 20 and 28 he is available. He has multiple talents like being able to name any movie star and what movies they have been in, quoting a movie or TV show after having seen it once and he is wicked awesome at golf. He is the go-to guy when you can't remember the name of a movie, just so you know.

The night was a total blast. Unfortunately the winner was my hubby. But wait, did I say he didn't play. Yup, that's right. He didn't even play and he won. That will teach us to play for him. We didn't want the game to go too fast so I played for myself and for hubby, Jeanne played for herself and her hubby and Dave played for himself and one of our other sisters. Man, I'm just too good for my own good. I should have thrown the game for Dalen, but I was too honest and good at guessing his mind. Or is that my mind? Whichever... he still won. Totally rude!

We laughed until we cried. So that is tonight's theme song, by Jason Aldean.