Friday, March 27, 2009

First Official Meeting

I'd like to call the meeting to order. Since I am the one in charge I will be the first to go...

Hi, my name is Julie and I suffer from NPS.

(everyone say, "Hello, Julie.")

Well, I first realized this shortly after my first daughter was born. I spent gobbs of time scrapbooking her every booger, poopie diaper and naptime poses. I know that doesn't sound like I was being neglectful, right? But really, I was doing most of the work while she was awake and I could have been playing with her, but I wasn't. I was at a table with my friend being all creative.

It has only gotten worse over the last almost 8 years. Currently my biggest issue is reading. I am a HUGE fan. Don't even get me started on the Twilight series (I know some of you hated them, but they were a great escape for me when I first found out about my cardiomyopathy and I needed to think/dream of good things like eternal love/life and dreamy kisses!). My newest author- love is for Marcia Lynn McClure. She is a fab-o author of clean romance. Who couldn't use a little (or a lot) fantasy time?

So, this is where we come to my being neglectful. I would rather sit and read a fabulous book than make lunch for my kids. Who needs to eat, right? Sure Bits, you can have that bowl full of graham crackers and marshmallows for lunch. It's healthy, right? (And then I wonder why she goes rabid on me. Hmmm! Not much to wonder there, I guess.)

I am currently reading Shackles of Honor.

Umm, can we say YUM!? We all dream of a Mason, don't we? Thanks to my friend Laina for giving me all of my reading addictions. She is the one that told me about Twilight (long before the craze began) and she is the one that intro'ed me to Marcia.

Here are a few others of my favorites. They are really quick reads, but the problem is I don't do anything else when I want to just sit lazily and read!

My reading addiction has lead to another problem. I don't want to sleep. I want to just keep reading. I hate it when a fabulous book ends because I just want it to go forever.

Seriously, I get off of work at midnight. Home not too long after that, but then I don't go to sleep until 2 or so because I read to relax.Main problem there is, when the book is so good I don't relax. I totally get into it and then there is no sleeping. I keep telling myself "just one more chapter then I will put it down." But then the chapter ends and I am feeling all warm and fuzzy about the sexy main guy and I have to keep reading to see if/when he is going to kiss the beautiful main girl.

Lack of sleep = worsening of NPS. What do I do? Do I accept this shortcoming, embrace my reading obsession or do I swear off books for the rest of my life?

Any suggestions?

Thanks for listening.

Who would like to be next?

(Theme song- Who Needs Sleep by Bare Naked Ladies)