Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Curse

My family has a curse. No, not like say bad words (although sometimes I do say some fake bad words thanks to Crash!). It's a curse that is worse than Murphy's Law. For those of you who don't know Murphy's Law here it is...

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."

It's even worse than Finagle's Law...

"Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way."

And it is not to be confused with Kayla's Law...

"Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, in the most comical sense possible" (There is rarely anything comical about what goes wrong with my family.)

My family's curse is...

"If it can go wrong, it will, at the worst time. If it can't go wrong, don't worry it will, at the worst time. If all is going according to plan, just wait, something will go wrong, at the worst possible time. And lastly, don't worry- life really does decide to crap on you when you think everything is great."

That is my family's motto, mantra, theme... I grew up knowing about it, living with the consequences and now I have passed it on to a new generation. The super-bad thing about The Curse is that if you are associated in any way with my family you are often affected by The Curse. Sorry to tell you all this, and now I am sure that I am going to lose ALL of my followers and even the secret followers and friends. This too, will fall into The Curse category. Life stinks, huh!?

So, here is why I tell you about The Curse.

#1 As a repeat, this is a journal of my life for my kids. And, although they will grow up knowing the Curse, repeating it at family reunions and FHE's (religious family time we have sometimes, but really should be weekly) and will be given the family crest, which has it engraved on it, as a wedding gift, to have it written, immortalized in this blog is priceless, don't you think? And very important!

#2 My hubby has the flu. No, not just the "I'm not feeling so good" flu. The "I've got the shakes, feel like I'm going to puke, 102 fever, keep my wife up all night long moaning" flu. Good times, eh? Now, I know that everyone gets sick. This isn't the major problem. The Curse comes in when I tell you that I am supposed to be leaving for Idaho in 2 days for a long, much-needed vacation to see my sister and her family. The hubby isn't coming with me, just me and the kids. He is coming up later and then we are all going to be coming home together. Again, this probably isn't a big deal to most. Here is my issue with it. With The Curse in mind there are a multitude of ways this can play out. a) He could have this for a few more days, delaying my leave until next week. b) He could pass it on to my kids, delaying my leave until next week. c) He could pass it on to me, delaying my leave until next week. d) My kids will get it, but will not exhibit symptoms until we are on the road, making for a seriously horrendous trip. There are others, but I am just depressing myself.

So, here is all I ask. Before you drop me as a friend/associate/acquaintance/stalker please pray for me that The Curse will let this one slide. Please, oh please, let this one slide.

PS I was up all night with the hubby, and when I wasn't up with him I was waking up from some seriously bad dreams. If I didn't know better I would think I was pregnant. I always had awful dreams from the surge of hormones during pregnancy. Woke up feeling UGH! And even though it was totally a dream, I was pretty mad at my hubby, even to the point of crying!

Theme song- Creep by Radiohead. I found a supercool version sung by Sad Kermit but it drops the f-bomb, so I had to redo with the Radiohead "clean" version of the song. Hubby brought it to my attention that by the time the readers got to the end of the post where I mention the theme song and had posted a WARNING for the cursing (hahaha!) it was already apparent- having gotten to the end of the song! OOPS! Sorry for those who heard my sinning via music today. I have mended my ways and turned from the sin. I shall do it no more!