Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Musings and extra fun

All of you have Andrea over at BloggingMama to thank. Today's posting was going to be completely negative. I took 3 of the 4 offspring to the dentist and for the first time they have cavities...ALL OF THEM! The son offspring has 4, count them 1,2,3,4! What in the world???? Only 2 on the other offspring. The dentist asked me what has changed in the last year because they have never had cavities before. UMMM, I am not home with the kids at bedtime anymore. I didn't get them hopped up on sugar before bed and then not have them brush their teeth before laying in their own sugar-ridden saliva for 8-10 hours. Hmmmm! That could be it, don't you think.

Oh wait, I said this wasn't going to be all negative. So, I am going to answer BloggingMama's call for a Two for Tuesday.

Question 1: Tell me about something you collect. It can be weird, normal whatever. What do you collect? If you don't collect anything what would you collect if you could?

Answer 1: Does dust count? I am really good at collecting that. Also trash. It is not my job to take out the trash, so it rarely gets done. So my house often looks like we are collectors of the garbage.

No really, I love to collect books. Mostly series books (no, I don't have the Harry Potter series- don't judge me!). Most of what I have are historical fiction series. I also love patriotic themed books and religious books. If I had a room to devote just to books I would have a few plush-type sitting areas with great paintings to fill the room with just the right ambiance. Weird, I know. I already told you not to judge me. Here are a few of my fav's:

and really no collection would be complete without the best of all times...
Question 2: If you could spend an afternoon talking face to face with one (or two) other blogger(s) who would it be and why?

Answer 2: This is a toughy. If I had to choose from my blog stalking list (because the bloggers I know and love I talk to face to face quite often) I would probably have to pick Crash as my first one because she is super-cool and sent me a Twilight t-shirt to wear to the midnight showing of opening night. She was also one of my first blogs to stalk and she hasn't put a restraining order on me yet. She also has super-cool connections like JJ, lemon-friend, and a bathroom sighting of the president and first lady. WOW!

The second would probably have to be Kristina at Pulsipher Predilections. Really peeps, she has a snuggie. Need I say more? If we were to talk face to face and become BFF's (which I totally know we would) she would just offer for me to use her snuggie because she is nice like that. Besides, couldn't we all use a friend that is often mistaken for Beyonce?

There you have it. Sorry to the rest of my Stalking list. You know I would LURVE to meet all of you and for various WONDERFUL reasons, but I was only given a choice of 2 so blame BloggingMama if you don't like it!

Okay, one last (slightly negative thing since it is on my mind) and then I will end. I hate automated phone systems. I mean HATE! No really, it goes beyond that. I think I am at the point of loathing! They are all different and if you don't pay attention for 1 second or have a/multiple child(ren) who scream(s) as just the right time you might just end up pushing the approved button instead of the repeat button because you totally missed what was said. Does that make sense to anyone besides me? I guess I am just used to my voicemail menu (1 is to back up a little and 11 is to start the message from the beginning). I wasn't listening to my voicemail at the time of the above occurance, so when I hit 11 I approved the call instead of having them repeat what was said. I don't know what the helk I approved, but the call ended and I am left sitting at my desk fuming at my kids who have impeccable timing!

Theme song for today... Voices Carry by Til Tuesday. Appropriate for a couple of reasons. #1 my kids don't understand that I can hear them. They think they have to yell. Stop- voices DO carry! Hahaha! AND #2- the band name is Til Tuesday- great for a Tuesday post. Clever, don't you think?