Friday, February 6, 2009

Jumping the gun...

So, for an early birthday present my hubby got a mixer for me. Super cool mixer of the century. My friend's husband works for Blendtec, the company that does the really awesome Will It Blend commercials. So, that is the type of mixer/blender I chose. WOW! It is awesome.

So I have never owned a mixer before and the reason for doing it now is because I am super motivated. I am now an official pioneer. I am the first in my family to actually make the trek to homemade bread. We now only have homemade bread because- - - - - -

my cousin taught me the most simple recipe for homemade bread that can be used for just about anything from Bread (obviously), to cinnamon rolls, to pizza crust, to a new outfit (wait not that last one). Seriously, it is so easy and my kids have even helped. I haven't ventured to the cinnamon rolls or the stuffed bread but I have made bread and pizza.

Check out this SUPER COOL mixer/blender.

Oooooooo....what is rising under that towel????

This is the bread (just before baking). I forgot to take an "after" picture... that might have been because it was eaten within seconds of being taken out of the oven.

Well, hubby told me that he won't have to scarf it down anymore because he knows that I will continue to make it, so now it lasts a whole day instead of 5 minutes. I will let you know how it goes when I venture to new and exciting food concoctions.

Yeah for me. If you want the recipe comment with your email address and I will send it to you. I'm all about sharing.

Theme song... couldn't think of one ABOUT bread, so I am adding one BY Bread- Everything I Own, my favorite Bread song.