Friday, February 20, 2009

Wishes and Reminders

My baby is 2 today. She is our last one and I can't believe I am in the terribly-wonderful twos with her already. (I only say wonderfully because I am trying very hard to think positive!) Here are a few photos from her last couple of years and then her fab-o outfit for today that I picked up at Wally World at midnight on my way home from the job.

And this is her on the BIG day!

All Smiles for the BIG day!

I love her curls!

On a field trip with her sister's preschool class.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Daughter!!!(not to worry, I won't be singing any weird birthday songs to you like I did for myself. You deserve the best birthday ever, Precious Girl!)

Theme song for today- Apple of Your Daddy's Eye by Peter Cetera. (Just happens to be the song I danced to with my dad at my wedding reception.)

OKAY, Now here is your reminder. I am having a contest. Want to enter? Read this. Remember the contest ends on Monday morning 8am. So hurry! Don't forget. There is a fabulous prize if you are picked, although, I'm not sure this is a contest anyone really wants to win!