Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Thoughts

Easter was a great day, I've got to tell you. The sun was shining and I was with my family. What could be better? Nope, not just the candy could keep me happy today. I needed the full spiritual boost!

Easter church has always been a favorite but today seemed especially wonderful. We had a missionary farewell (even though that is not what they are supposed to be) in our ward. He shared a wonderful testimony of Christ and the resurrection.

I admit, I totally bawled! Where are the tissues when you need them?

Then Relief Society was THE BEST! Patti- you did a great job teaching. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, testimony and the Spirit with me today. Sorry I make you cry when you look at me. Is it my face or the fact that I can't NOT cry when I hear you talk about the Savior? Your testimony is a true example to me. I hope you know I am very grateful that you are my friend!

After church was fun with hubby's family. Great lunch, fun hunt and wonderful conversation (well, until the end when we had to make a quick getaway before I lost my lunch because of the off-colored jokes- seriously people, it was getting bad!).

Look at those happy faces! Grandkids on Dalen's side of the family.

Dixie and Annie

Darcy, Steve, Carly and Hayden

Daren, Shandail, Cristie, Hayley and Dylan

Then we came home and I got the best Sunday gift EVER!



It was a short one, but beautiful all the same. Then the fam went for a walk. The day was just too beautiful not to fully enjoy it. I love Spring! There were friends and family we saw while we were out and about. We saw flowers. We enjoyed the not-freezing weather. It really was the epitome of Easter to me. Everything looks new.

If you want to enjoy a very inspiring Easter video check out Wendy's post from yesterday. I watched it twice. Loved it. Loved the music. Also, check out Heidi's Easter post. She has a fabulous link to a youtube video that was just beautiful!

PS I think my kids have had way too much candy.

Today's Theme song- Face to Face by Kenneth Cope. Beautiful music about the Savior!