Friday, April 17, 2009

There can only be one Highlander!

Remember the other day when we were talking (well, you were reading and I was talking/typing) and I told you about my reading addiction? I am totally going to tell you something else that I just learned about myself because of my addiction. I wish I was Scottish. Yes, you read that correctly. I wish I had a Scottish accent and that some sexy highlander would call me Sassanach. MMMM! Isn't that yummy? And that man would wear a sexy kilt (traditional- hahahah!). And that he would have to lead me on wild life-threatening adventures all over Scotland. And that we would have to get married in order to save both of our lives. And that I would secretly be grateful that I was forced to marry him because then I could enjoy his pationate kisses everyday.

Hmm, so here is why.

Have you heard of the series The Outlander? It is by Diana Gabaldon. AMAZING story. Only if you are interested in listening to 32 hours of a love story- which I totally was up for. At work I type and listen to audiobooks. What could be better?

Okay, so I would even be so drastic as to say that I would put this just under Twilight. I know- that is totally saying something. But when you think of sexy highlanders in kilts saving lives and such don't you want to swoon? I am daydreaming about it as I tell you this. I have Jamie on the brain. I have Jamie in my dreams (almost as much as Edward) and if I could somehow change my life I would make it so that Hubby's scottish ancestry was closer in line, close enough that he would still carry the accent (and the overwhelming desire to wear a clan kilt). He is from the Ferguson Clan and actually has a crest and tartin. Sexy, huh? I know you are jealous.

Theme song- Scotland the brave! Gotta love the bagpipes (unless you are the main chick in the movie Made of Honor- in which case you will want to turn off the sound to this post).