Monday, April 27, 2009

Today's Quandry

I have been wondering what to post about today. I used up all of the brain cells over at Venus vs. Mars. Check me out there.

However, I didn't want to wimp out on my own personal blog because I have so much to tell. I wanted to post about my fabulous girls day out with Heidi and the gang, but Val put it so much better, so just check out her link and you will see the fab time we all had. You can also check out Melinda's blog. She also did a fab rundown of the day.

I also wanted to do a specific post on the Slutty Snuggie. After this event I felt a little used.

And this isn't even half of it. This Snuggie has been "AROUND" (wink, wink).

So, I finally decided to tell you about Val.

She has a tattoo people.

AND, I think I have changed some of my requirements because I think hers is so cute and tasteful. (Don't give me that judgmental eye, Yes, I can think tats can be tasteful.) I learned all about her (as if her life was really a secret) on Saturday. SHE'S hilarious! Check out her stuff. She has a great laugh, too!

I know firsthand because my ear was next to her laugh! Hey can you see my tonsils with that laugh? Who knew we would ever get to meet in person???? Good times. Now I can tell Hubby that these people really do exist. They are not fictional friends that I tell him about to make myself feel loved and wanted as a person. These peeps are REAL.

The day was full of fun! I also went to a super-fun b-day party for my friend, Patti. She is a riot. I learned how to play Nerts. Anyone up for a game???? Stay so late at Patti's house that I was pretty sure Hubby was going to have the locks changed while I was gone. Alas, though, he loves me and I was permitted to enter the abode and reside there for the rest of the weekend, in peaceful slumber and pigging out with the fam. It was a great weekend!

Theme song- I love to laugh from Mary Poppins. Since they don't have it on my play list, which is quite disappointing here is the song from youtube.