Friday, April 24, 2009

Welcome visitors


Well Hello there! I am so glad you could make it today to our NPSA meeting. As most of you know last week was Spring Break. I had all 4 offspring at home with me. Lucky me was stuck in the house even because the city is working on our road and I couldn't get out of my driveway. Good times! Not that I really would have gone anywhere because I was sleeping!

Anywho- I was getting up really late and getting late breakfasts for the kids. Because the kids were home, inside (it was snowing and raining so outside play time was not going to happen) the kids were uber-bored. How do we solve that problem? EAT! SNACK! MUNCH! Let's bust out the food! We aren't even talking good, healthy food we are talking good, not-so-healthy food!

Because the kids were munching and watching tv while I was reading/napping I didn't always pay attention to the time. Most days we would go from Breakfast to snacking to snacking to snacking to more snacking directly to dinner.

So I justified it that I was making my own private effort to fight childhood obesity by teaching my kids to go without a meal. Then I justified it by telling myself that I am teaching them that they aren't always going to have everything. Then I told myself that I am preparing for the economy to go completely in the crapper (unlike right now- we have only fallen into the crapper- we aren't all the way in, I think).

Whatever I tell myself I still think this qualifies as neglect. Unless you want to count fruit snacks, dry cereal, cookies, candy bars and chips as lunch that lasts about 4 hours, then yes, I did feed my kids lunch.

Theme song- Hungry Like the Wolf by David Cook (I know this isn't the Duran Duran version- which is a classic, but I thought this version was really good, too).