Friday, April 10, 2009

Where have I been?

I know peeps. I have been neglectful of your blogging needs lately.

This just follows my neglectfulness of what is supposedly important in life, like my kids.

Today is our weekly meeting of NPSA (Neglectful Parents Syndrome Anonymous). If you need more info on this check out my original post. This is our third weekly meeting. Yes, this support group is in its infancy, but I really feel support from those of you out there who have been participating in my NPSA meetings via my comment box. Really, I'd love to encourage you all to get on the bandwagon and post your own admission of NPS! (Hey blogging to I make a button? I really want to create one for my Friday posts, but I am not so smart in the button arena. Fill me in- thanks!)

I'd like to bring this meeting to order. Thank you for all being here. Sometimes I feel all alone in the world with my NPS and then I come here and I know that I am one of many (or at least 2 because my sister told me she would stop by today).

I struggle, as most of you know with time management. Really, I don't manage it at all, I just go with whatever I feel like doing (which never includes laundry, dishes, making beds or cleaning bathrooms). Usually I feel like being on the computer or watching a total chick-flick. So, I am admitting to my electronically-induced child neglect today.

Yes, the keyboard and mouse, the screen and the remote call my name constantly. Who needs to get your kids dressed or change diapers when you could be watching a fabulous YouTube video spoof of Twilight? Really people. So, I've seen the video about a million times (maybe closer to 25, but who's counting when you are rolling on the floor laughing your butt off?).

Facebook calls me when I have to get the lowdown on my non-blogging friends and family. It also calls me when I get a hankering for a good gamefest of Bejeweled Blitz. This can keep me occupied for hours (literally- I was almost late for a Dr's appointment yesterday because I was playing and kept telling myself- ONE MORE GAME, JUST ONE MORE!).

The hilarious (or sad) thing about watching movies is that I have a very hard time just sitting down to watch it. I have to multi-task. I should be using my hands to fold the bazillion baskets of clean laundry while I watch but lately I just grab my Sudoku book and have at it. I guess my brain is in need of extra stimulation. It's good for me, right? I'll keep telling myself that for now.

So, do I need an intervention? Do I need to have hubby lock me out of the computer room. Do I need to banish my television? Help me out here.

PS No theme song because you HAVE to watch this hecka funny video that keeps me laughing!