Friday, April 17, 2009

NPSA meeting will now come to order

Contrary to my high hopes last week of having my own personal button for my weekly NPSA meeting/blog posting, I DON'T have it done. Yes, even when Anjeny tried to help me by giving me the secrets of the button-making, I slacked. This will lead me into my confession of the week for my NPSA meeting.


I love it. I think, generally, it loves me too.

I can't really get enough of it. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that I have the weirdest schedule known to man (or at least known to me) but when there is a moment I can get sleep I crave it (almost like I crave chocolate- I said ALMOST).

This week was Spring Break. Beside going insane with my kids all home and antsy to do things do you wanna know how I celebrated?


No, really, I did! Granted, I didn't go to bed any earlier than 2am the whole week, but lets be honest, do I really need to stay in bed until 11? Well, that is what I did today. AND I LOVED IT! Hubby got up with the kids shortly before I got out of bed and I could hear him telling the kids what needed to be cleaned before Mommy saw the mess! Isn't that just sweet? SO considerate!

My kids really did do a pretty decent job of taking care of themselves, but when the oldest is not even 8 should I really expect them to be taking care of themselves? Hey, I was home at least.

If there was a fire hopefully I would wake up to the blaring fire alarms or the screams from my children. If there was any other emergency I would have been there for them. Not fully clothed, but I would have been there.

So really, is this neglect of my children? Not sure on this one.

Theme song- Bella's Lullaby from the Twilight Soundtrack. Of course!

Quick shout out to Anjeny over at Ramblings of an Islander- she has officially joined my NPSA group. Hello Anjeny! WOOHOO!