Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Finally Friday


Did you think I was going to forget? Sure didn't.

Hello, my name is Julie and I am a neglectful parent.

I was thinking today about being a mom. I birthed 4 beautiful kids. They really are great looking. Don't you think?

Ya, I thought you would think so.

Anyway, lately we have had an additional 2 kids in our house. Don't get me wrong, I like that my kids are kept company. They have friends to play with. However, I have a list of demands if this is going to continue.
  • I should be able to discipline the 2 other kids since I am the one taking care of them. Their mom and dad are gone the whole day and although the parents don't "leave them in my care" the kids really do need someone to take care of them.
  • If I am going to feed them lunch and dinner I should get $$$ for it. I planned on 4 kids, Hubby and I work to support 4 kids. 2 extra mouths for more than 1 meal a day is A LOT of food, especially since they are both boys and they both eat A LOT!
  • If you are going to act like this is your house and just get in the fridge whenever you want or walk in my front door whenever you want, I will add both names to my chore chart. I have a lot of work that needs to be done, inside and out and could use the extra help.
  • My house rules WILL be followed. There is no cussing, no hitting, and when I say "NO" I really do mean "NO."
Is this too much to ask? As a mom I think maybe I should have more compassion, but it is hard when I don't have enough money for my food budget to feed my family. It is hard to discipline my kids when they extra kids often cause the problems. I am not saying that my kids are saints. I really do know what hellions they can be- trust me! But they extra kids are older and have been raised differently and they like to use their house rules in my house. I also require that my kids ask before they get into snacks just so I know when they are eating (like if they try to snack 5 minutes before dinner) and what they are eating. Rarely do I tell them no. The extra kids don't like to ask, so they sneak into the freezer for a Popsicle/OtterPop when I am down doing laundry or busy blogging. I have even heard them tell my kids to ask me if they all can have a snack. My kids ask often enough. I don't need anyone else giving them more ideas of when to eat.

YIKES! This all sounds terrible. I know. Sorry, but it is true. I am just tired. They are pretty good kids, but I am struggling. Thanks for letting me vent.

Theme song- Mr. Rogers' Theme Song since the extra kids are my neighbors