Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Special Wednesday

Today we are going on a field trip. Do you all have your signed permission slips? Yes? Oh, good, I thought we were going to have to leave some of you behind.

Now, everyone, hop on the bus so we can get going.

No, not that bus. This one...

That's right. We are taking the short bus. Do you know why? Because we are SPECIAL!

Today we are going to a local attraction, hopefully close enough that no one with get car/bus sick, but you never know so if you need a barf bag let me know. I didn't bring enough for everyone. Hopefully we won't be having to share.

Everyone ready? Here we go... to Kennecott, the largest copper mine in the world.

First, lets take a look around outside. See these trucks?

This is how big ONE tire is on them.

My son, the poser.

And what is a field trip without a few cameras taking snapshots?

Ready to go inside? I'll take that smile as a yes.

Inside they have a video. We need to sit down and be quiet so everyone can hear and see the movie. Get all of your wiggles out, k?

Now that we know a little more about how the copper is mined, lets go see what else they have in the visitors center.

Evolution of the open mine.

And now, you all know...

One other thing I learned is that without copper a TV would not work. Who knew. Now, don't forget tonight when you say your prayers to be thankful for copper.

Theme song- Human by the Killers. Because I heard it on the radio on my way when I heard this for the first time. LOVE IT!