Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Vacation

Since I am poor and have no/little $$$/dinero/cash/moola I have decided on my own little vacation. One that will cost me nothing. Now if that isn't great I don't now what it.

I am taking a vaca from my blog. Just for the rest of this week. I know you are going to miss my wit and funny stories. But I have too much going on right now. I know you will miss my NPSA meeting for this week. I even had a great topic that was inspired Shelle. So, since I won't be there, and I really hate to cancel a meeting, especially since there are so many parents who truly need the support, so I am shouting out to Anjeny- can you lead this week's meeting? Try to get more followers/joiners. Maybe we can all help to support each other.

Oh, and no theme song for today. All I am hearing lately is the buzzing in my head from too many kids yelling and screaming.