Monday, June 29, 2009

And again and again

If you can name the movie that I picked my title from I will send you a box of girl scout thin mint cookies- which happen to be my all-time favorite and I ration them through the year- (that is how confident I am that no one other than my family will know what I am even talking about- so family no helping other people and just like all other contests, any relatives are disqualified from playing).

How lucky am I? Well, after telling you all about the curse I am sure your answer will be "about as lucky as Farrah and Michael were last week"... (ouch- sorry, that was a low blow). But I am here to tell you that I am a pretty lucky girl sometimes. Yesterday my baby, the Oldest Child, turned 8, which is a H.U.G.E. deal in our religion. Because of the big event coming up this Saturday- namely Kylie's baptism- our house is being invaded. No, not the bad invasion I had recently. We are talking a good invasion. FAMILY, FAMILY, and MORE FAMILY. WOOHOO!

To some you might be thinking "WOW- I need to stay away from that house. With all those cursed people things are bound to get CRazY!" To others (like Hubby) you are thinking "House of insanity... how in the world are you going to fit all of those people in that house with only 2 bathrooms?" Well, I say- "It's my life, it's now or never. I don't wanna live forever. I just wanna live while I'm alive." Profound words from Bon Jovi. But, it's true- I am the one dealing with it- so don't complain as I tell you all of the fun that is happening at my house.

Birthday FUN!

The girl loves jewelry. She got a CTR necklace from her brother and sisters.

You gotta have the new scriptures complete with embossed name for the eighth birthday (from Mommy and Daddy).

I told you, she loves jewelry... Aunt Jeanne, Uncle Matt and cousins gave her a special bracelet for her baptism.

Helping to make her own cookie cake. So cute.

Scary eyes... she decorated the cookie cake herself. Can you tell?

AND- the family invasion...

Lovin' the cousins.

So glad Aunt Jeanne came... thanks for the bracelet!

Not only did the birthday girl get a present, but my sis gave me the greatest present E.V.E.R. (aside from coming to see me and my fam). No, serious- this is the BEST!

I've always wanted one. Can't you see the excitement on my face? There were even tears in my eyes. (for those who are totally clueless as to the necessities of life- this is a sugar container. One opening poors sugar, say, to put on your cereal. The other is for larger amts of sugar or spooning it out.) Isn't the color the best? The only way to make it better? 70's yellow! What makes this even more special is that Jeanne doesn't have one of her own. She could have/should have kept it for herself. But, being the selfless person she is (which is so not me) she gave this priceless, discontinued Tupperware sugar server to me. IT'S MINE! ALL MINE!

And, I had to add this picture-

Ya, that's my leg. I was taking it from my POV and pointing my toes so you don't see all of my beautifully pedicured toes. Too bad.

Theme song- It's my life by Bon Jovi. (what a shocker)