Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh, It's just me

It's Monday... in case you weren't aware. That's all I have to say...

No, really, that's all there is.

If you want something insightful for today check out the bloggers on my sidebar. Today- I got NOTHIN'!

Okay, I give up. I'll share a funny story with you all, if you really want me to. So, when I was little my family and I took a trip to Idaho to visit my uncle. (Just imagine- 8 people- 6 kids/2 adult- all in a 7-seater van - don't tell the cops- in a hot van for over 18 hours- can we say good times? NOPE!)

So, when we got to Idaho Falls (which is a total booming metropolis) we stopped somewhere, I believe to use the facilities and get food. We scanned the radio for music - this was back in the day BEFORE iPods. Even before CD's. Haven't I told you all how old I am? Ya, I remember 8-tracks. OH YA!

ANYHOO! Obviously there weren't many stations back in the dinosaur era, so there wasn't a ton to choose from. There was one station that was play Louis Louis, which we all know is a classic (now try not to sing that for the rest of the day!). After the song was over we scanned again. You'll never guess...

Yup, another station was playing Louis Louis. What is it with Idahoans and that song? To give some slack we did notice that it was a different artist singing it, so not too bad, right?

Well, that was over and we scanned again. I kid you NOT it was on again. That's when we noticed it was the same station each time. After the third time of hearing it the dj came on and said something like- "This is KLUI- all Louis all the time." WOW! All they ever played was Louis Louis by different artists/bands.

Later we found out that the station was only on air for 24 hours. How lucky was our family that we just happened to be travelling through Idaho during that 24 hours? Ya, you're jealous! It's a family joke now. Oh, and if you were wondering, you can chalk this to the curse (if you are not a lover of the Louis Louis) or you can claim the curse passed us by (if you heart Louis Louis). I'll let you choose.

Theme song? Need you ask??? JUST BE GRATEFUL I stopped at 10 versions. There are so many more.