Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Randomness in my brain

I know that Blogging Mama likes Random Tuesday, but yesterday I didn't have a chance to blog. Lots of crazy busy things going on here in my camp and didn't even get to check out your blogs. Sorry! But, I do have just random thoughts swimming around in my brain matter that I need to get out and then I can get over it, right? (A girl can dream, right???)

I hate making my bed. Really, I love a clean, made-to-military-standards bed. However, I really hate making my bed. It is a pain in the kutookuss (that's my word for rear end). So, I really don't do it too often. I often wish I lived in the Jetsons time so that my bed will make itself.

Or have Rosie come make it for me.

Put me on a conveyor belt and roll me down the hallway, have a shower, get dressed, feed me and kick me out the door. If life could be that efficient maybe I could get a little more sleep and not walk around like a zombie.


When I am in a total hurry to get somewhere with the kids and I still have to get myself ready, then is not the time for my oldest to ask me if I want to play the piano with her. I feel so bad because whatever else I am doing really isn't as important as she is, but I have my mind focused and set on its course and I get really frustrated with her for playing loud and slowing me down.


How can goldfish live so long without food. I haven't had chocolate since last night and I feel like I am dying. I am going to have to run to the store in a minute.


I hate scary movies and scary stories. If you think it is funny to tell me stories that are going to keep me awake at night then I will be calling you in the middle of the night to keep me company (right Sally???).


My kids found my little "Mommy Stash" new hiding place so I have to find another one. That is such a pain. You all know what the "Mommy Stash" is don't you? Ya, the treats that are only for mommy when you have had enough and need a chocolate/candy/sweets fix. It is such a pain to move it because I have to find another place that is not too obvious for the kids AND Hubby to find. That's right, the Hubby is not privied to the "Mommy Stash" unless specifically invited to do so.


And finally- this is my last thought, and it is more of a question- anyone have one million ($1,000,000) dollars they want to give me? No, not borrow- just give. I am looking for a generous soul to help me out here. Any takers? Or should I ask, Any givers??????

Theme song in honor of randomness, one of my favorite songs that really has nothing to do with today's post, but has a lot of meaning to me... Kristy, are you doing okay? By Offspring.