Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yup, it's hit my house (and neighborhood) again. Really, I kid you not. It is a real curse...

So, Hubby was gone part of this week and while he was gone a few things happened. (Since he rarely goes out of town this just happened to take place on one of the RARE business trips.)

  1. The cops showed up at my neighbor's house. Probably a drug bust. The husband next door was out of town working, too. It was just the kids with the mom next door and I really don't have details to share as to why at least 8 cops busted into their house. I had a sitter with my kids while I was at work (when Hubby would have normally been taking care of my kids). Not that it really effected me, but it really did. I got a text from a friend who asked me why swat was next door. I F.R.E.A.K.E.D! My kids spend just about everyday with the kids that live next door. Luckily the kids had not been home all day, so my kids weren't over there, but still... I didn't know if maybe the kids had come home and my offspring witnessed whatever happened. (I'm sure this story made no sense, but it makes sense to me, and really I'm selfish, so it's all about me anyway.)
  2. Next, since Hubby missed me so very much he surprised me by having a friend send me flowers and candy. I came home to a surprise on my kitchen table- LOVING it! Before I could truly enjoy them, though, I had to make a quick stop in the restroom for some personal business. When I came back to the kitchen this was what I saw (and being me- I grabbed pics, then I yelled...)

Yes, it is possible to yell at this face. Difficult, but possible.
The end result of her flower-fun...

3 of the 12 roses made into potpourri. I guess she was trying to help, but I didn't find it so helpful. Hubby hasn't given me flowers in I don't know how long. This was a great surprise, and it ended with me sad because I didn't keep the MMIT away from them. You remember the curse, right? My family's curse is...

"If it can go wrong, it will, at the worst time. If it can't go wrong, don't worry it will, at the worst time. If all is going according to plan, just wait, something will go wrong, at the worst possible time. And lastly, don't worry- life really does decide to crap on you when you think everything is great."

I think this qualifies as falling under the headline of curse.

Still, the flowers are beautiful. Hubby will be home today and I am going to smooch him LOTS!

Theme song- Don't Cry by Guns N Roses. Had to laugh at my choice. Get it? GUNS and ROSES?????!!!!! Brilliance, don't you think?