Friday, June 19, 2009

Saving one mother at a time


The title of this post is courtesy of my friend Sally, who is the coordinator of all things fun this summer. She even has a blog that keeps her summer posse in the know with what fieldtrips we are doing. Isn't she the best?

Well, Hello, my name is Julie and I am a neglectful parent. Even with Sally's help, I have not been saved from going crazy. (Maybe it's because I didn't go on the museum fieldtrip on Wednesday... my bad.)

Randomness of what my kids have been up to this week-
  • MMIT dumped a bottle of intimacy gel all over my house. Ya, it was in my room where it belongs, but she has learned where to look for the forbidden from UMM and she got into it. Do you have any idea how slickery that stuff is??? That was a fun clean up.
  • MMIT also dumped a whole bottle of childrens shampoo all over her bedroom floor. Thankfully her floor is wood, but still, it is practically impossible to get it all off.
  • Snake and UMM had a food fight today with carrots/ranch dressing and hot dogs/ketchup. Nice... not like I wasn't already at my end. I had to pay my honkin' house payment today and even though we got paid today I have no $$$ left over, so I was already pissed.
  • UMM likes to change clothes a million times a day so the clothes that I have just folded and put away are now either in the hamper (because I picked them up off the floor where she left them) or they are on the floor (where she left them).
  • One of the offspring- no one will fess up- dropped a whole roll of TP in the downstairs toilet.
  • I pulled out the ranch dressing from the fridge for the carrots today and had to shake it to make sure it was mixed. Whoever got it out last- have no idea on this one either because they all love to get in the fridge- didn't screw the lid on and I got splattered with ranch, a huge puddle on the ground and all over the fridge.
So, here I sit, eating cookie dough (my own personal therapy) and trying to keep calm. I just hope the children stay in hiding until their dad gets home. Hopefully he will have more patience when he gets home.

Theme song- Unwell by Matchbox 20. I have to giggle because it says "I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell." I'd have to say I am CRAZY!