Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our not-so-alone anniversary celebration

We spent our 10th Anniversary at my Aunt's and Uncle's cabin. Yes, we were so lucky to have our children accompany us on this little vacation. We did have a lot of fun, though.

Hanging outside we scouted for Pot guts (sp?). Personally, I think they looked like the offspring of a squirrel and a rat.

The kids were busy playing most of the time, which was really nice. The problems occurred when it was bed time.

We took the kids on a short hike. These are some of the excited faces before we actually started the hike. (Sorry about the overexposure from the sun. I never claimed to be a great photographer.)

Later that night Dalen, Kylie, and I went outside to see the stars. I forgot how much you miss in the city. It was gorgeous. We could see the Milky Way (not the candy bar, although that would have been tasty), and about a million starts. Kylie had fun sitting with her dad (don't let the picture fool you, she was actually smiling most of the time).

All in all, the time was really fun. We watched some movies and just relaxed. Totally great!

No theme song for this one. Can't really think of one. If you have any suggestions let me know.