Monday, July 27, 2009

Camera Fun

Here is what happens when my kids get ahold of the camera. I deleted the ones that would make you dizzy,sick, or have serious vertigo.

Because we could all use a picture with our brother playing the xbox half nekked.

Good friends, playing with the kitty.



Snake lost a tooth. He wanted to document it so he could always remember. And what is a good picture with a lost tooth? The tongue through the hole picture.

Nanner, nanner, nanner! She learned to use the timer on the camera and came up with this fabulous shot. It's Oldest Child with her birthday/baptism chart all filled up.

In motion...

Nice neck. Little crusties in her neck roll. Kinda gross.

This is Daddy's head. They were trying to get a shot of his gray hair, but all they got was this silly pic.

I'd say that these are going to be the last crazy photos by my kids, but I am sure they aren't going to be. Now that they know how to use the camera they sneek it all the time.

Theme song- In honor of the 2 posers, I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred.