Friday, July 10, 2009

Never too much company

WHAT? Am I serious? Well, I do have to say that it has been a blast! At one point I had 20 people staying at my house (including my 6). Here is just a taste of some good ole fun... the rest is to come because I haven't downloaded the rest of the pics.

We all went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. Beautiful temple.

All the cousins together. I love the face Kylie is making. Sometimes you have just had enough.

Okay, so Malia had had enough too.

So, we went out for food. Look at the size of that burger. She is going to choke. It's the size of her petite little head.

And then there was Humanitarian at the church. Lots of fun...lots of kids.

And you may think I jest when I tell you that we were traumatized to hear about Billy Mays. Thursday night we held a mini- funeral-type dinner for him. Ham, funeral potatoes and all! And, thanks to Kristina, we were able to honor BM with masks and everything. Isn't that great? You are so jealous, I know.

(Oh, and I will so add a video of us being "special." Check out the end.)

Then, there was the baptism... just a sneak, because Oldest Child is SO going to be getting her own post about that special day. Especially since it was the 4th of July. PARTAY!

Okay, I get the hint- you've had enough. I'll be back for more foto-fun. Missed you all while I was vacationing.

Theme song- Please Don't Leave Me by Pink... (in honor of my return, I am totally hoping that I haven't lost all of my blog-friends/followers/entourage/stalkers. LY!

PS- I know it is supposed to be NPSA meeting today, but really, I have to say I have been a great mother, aunt, sister and daughter these past 2 weeks. There was no killing anyone. That is a great accomplishment, don't you think? I am sure my sisters appreciate my restraint.