Monday, July 13, 2009

It's PaRtaY TIME!

Saturday, after my life calmed down a bit I was able to meet up with a few of the fabulous bloggers that are linked on my side bar. We had a blast at the OG. Salad, soup, breadsticks and a lot of laughing. It was so great. Thanks ladies for the great escape. Ithink we scared more than a few innocent restaurant patrons... oh well. Oh, and I am thinking that the servers were VERY glad when we finally left.

Oh Barb, you are too cute...ignore the 5 chins I have in this pic.

I love this lady!

Weird? No, we aren't weird.

Ya, I got the side view- Shelle! Check out that hiney!

The gang.

Guest appearance by Crash's hot hubby and gorgeous daughter! (Ya, I said it... did you tell him?)

The coordinator of this fantabulous lunch, Crash (oh ya, and me too). Okay, guess which on lives in Hawaii and which one lives in UT? Hard one, I know. I'll give you a hint... I'm NOT tan!

Still lovin' ya Val!

We all brought cameras, didn't we? You can tell you are at a lunch with bloggers when you are constantly seeing this... (Nutty Hamster Chick and Shelle)

Would it truly be a bloggers lunch without the Snuggie (and this is a Snazzie Snuggie). Oh, and do you remember my post about who the 2 people I would love to meet in person? Ya, here they are, Crash and Kristina. Dream come true.

Theme song... apparently I am the Bad Girl of the group (along with Shelle- thanks for not leaving me lonely...) so today's theme song- Bad Influence by Pink. You gotta love Pink.