Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It was only a dream

Imagine the Wayne's World dream sequence blurry screen.

I took my kids to the beach. It was more like a river-type beach. Having a great time. I trusted my kids enough to not make them wear life jackets or floaties. I'm such a great mom, I know.

As I'm watching them I keep my eye on their heads and make sure that I know where they each are.

All of a sudden my baby, MMIT is nowhere to be found. I start screaming and looking around. Other people come to help but we have no luck. She isn't there.

By this time I am crying hysterically, yet I feel numb. My baby is gone. What have I done? I let this happen.

I won't give up, though. I have friends who won't give up, so we search for hours, up and down the river.

I look over to my left and see my friend dragging my Fully-dressed baby out of the water, face down. I scream, I know she is gone, but I hope.

Then, my baby turns her head and smiles at me. She is okay. I run to her, grab her, and continue to cry until I wake up.

Dream sequence over.

Tell me this... would you take your kids the beach anytime soon after this dream? Should it tell me something that while I was going through trauma my baby ended it with smiling at me?

Theme song- Just a dream by Carrie Underwood.