Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I need some inspiration

Today I am going to start off my post by telling you what the theme song is. You really shouldn't be too surprised since hopefully you read the title. You're the Inspiration by Chicago. Wait for it... it takes you back doesn't it? Dates me, eh? I have great memories of this song...

David Roper

Grandma's birthday party

Uncle Dean's car

Me, looking at David, swooning.

Me, thinking this song was all about us.

Me- I was like 12 or something. Ya, I was deep back then.

So, the reason for the song- I am needing some inspiration. That's where you come in. I need some help on this one. I am out of topics.

I am sure that my crazy offspring can help me with this one, but for once I really would like to have a boring, nothing exciting week. Nothing to blog about that happens. Yesterday filled my quota of excitement.

Okay, so what do you want to know about me? What do you want me to write about? Do you have random questions? I'll help you out. If I can't, I'll just lie. Maybe I'll convince you I know what I am doing here.

Are you game? Leave a comment. I need lots of ideas...

Thanks (in advance). I know you won't let me down.