Wednesday, August 5, 2009

negativity is eating me alive

I no longer find joy in Happily Ever After-type movies. Seriously, lets take a walk through some of these movies and I will point out the falseness and the brain-washing- and only then might you start to feel my pain (or maybe I will add to your pain. If that is the case, so sorry!)

Cinderella- THERE are no talking mice that are friendly. Mice + my house = me screaming.

Enchanted- Vermin do not help you clean up your house.

Mary Poppins- Contrary to American's favorite care-taker, a spoon full of sugar doesn't make the medicine go down, it just makes my pants tighter. I can't snap my finger to clean up my house. Shall I go on?

Lion King- Just saying Hakuna Matata will not make all your worries go away. If that worked I would be saying it CONSTANTLY.

Toy Story- Sometimes your friends aren't your friends forever.

Wizard of Oz- the Wizard can't give your courage, a heart or a brain. AND clicking the heals of your ruby-red shoes will not get you home. You have to pay $$$ to get a plane ticket or drive there. And when you do return home it isn't always as you remembered it.

Do you have any movies that you like to bust wide open?

No theme song today.