Monday, August 31, 2009

(Part II) This is just the beginning

Yes, you read right... he was visiting his girlfriend who lived up north. MAN! That totally put a damper on my ideas, because I had every intention of pursuing Cute, Big Jerk Guy

Back to the drawing board for me.

A few weeks later Sister and I went to another church activity. This time it was a dance. Totally fun. I am all about dancing. There were a few guys there that were phenomenal dancers, and I kind of gravitated toward them. The only reason I tell you this is because I hooked up with a guy at that activity, who my bishop later set me up with on a date. Good intentions, I thought I really liked him, but that was a flop. Ya, he told me he was interested in a serious relationship, but he happened to tell a few other girls at church the same thing. He was juggling 4 of us at once. Not my idea of a serious relationship.

I had a few other relationships over the next few months, but nothing really came of any of them.

Fast forward to December...

Sister and I got a call from the Cute, Big Jerk Guy. He needed us to help out at another church activity. ANYTHING for the Cute, Big Jerk Guy (who really was not much of a jerk). After said activity he came back to my apartment with a friend of his and Sister and I had fun visiting. That was the beginning of the every-day-come-over-to-see-me trend. Seriously, he was over everyday. I loved it. This totally hot guy was coming over to visit with me and my sister. Little did I know at this point that his friend has called "DIBS" on me. Cute, Big Jerk Guy agreed not to pursue, why would he? He still had a girlfriend (or so I thought).

After coming back from Christmas Break Cute, Big Jerk Guy came over with his friend to visit. His friend, Joe, asked me out. WHAT? Not him... I didn't want him to ask me out. I wanted Cute, Big Jerk Guy to ask me out, but I knew he was taken... That is when I found out that over Christmas Break Cute, Big Jerk Guy made the break. He dumped the girl. WOOHOO! But not so much since it was pretty obvious Joe liked me and it is kinda rude to jones on a friend.

After one date, though, Joe got the hint and realized how much I dug on Cute, Big Jerk Guy. Joe, being a genius at helping others with their relationship woes called up Cute, Big Jerk Guy and said something like, "You like her, she likes you. If you don't do something about it she is going to get tired of this and give up." BRILLIANCE! This phone call happened to be the night of my birthday party (Ya, I threw myself a big party- my way of trying to be happy when I was sad not to be getting the guy I was really interested in). The party was great. Cute, Big Jerk Guy showed up for a little bit, but then left. Sucky because I was left to dance with the 4-timing ex. who wouldn't leave the party. I did have a lot of fun, though. Getting that phone call was the BEST EVER, though. We agreed to meet up the next day at my place after he got off of work.

The next morning Sister and my roommate decided to go snowboarding. Usually I was up for this, especially since it was a holiday and no school. I hadn't told them about my scheduled meeting with Cute, Big Jerk Guy and thought maybe it wasn't the right time to tell them since I really didn't know what the outcome of said meeting was going to be. They tried to convince me to go with them. Great day for boarding. They were even going to spring for the cost. How is a girl supposed to turn that down? I'll tell you how- the thought of having a private meeting with Cute, Big Jerk Guy helped me stick to my guns. I was staying home.

Got all my homework done waiting for Cute, Big Jerk Guy to come over. When I finally heard the knock my heart skipped a beat. Actually, I think it just stopped. I had to give myself CPR just to get it started again. I opened the door and their stood my Adonis. Yummy! He came in and we kicked back in the living room. Started to chat about his day at work. Finally, he looked over at me and said, "Well, enough about me...What do you think of me?" I smiled and said, "I think you're HOT!" I actually said that. Can you believe it???

His reaction? While I was busy being beet red he looked at me and said, "I think you're hot too." At least we are in agreement.

To Be Continued...

Theme song- the song I played at my party that reminded me of Cute, Big Jerk Guy. Back to Good by Matchbox 20.